In the 4th and final smart home review that we are focusing on Hive, we will be looking at the Hive Active lights but just in case your still unaware let’s answer the question: 

Who is Hive? 

Hive is a British Gas innovation that started with the award-winning smart thermostat and has over the years created a range of products that has a smart home at the heart of their innovation.  The Hive Active Lights, Motion Senors, Active Plugs all need to run from the Hive Hub 360 as that device keeps all the schedules in place and keeps all the devices all in the same place easy to customise the settings. 

Hive Active Lighting  – Design

The Hive Active Lights appear a little larger and are also heavier than a standard lightbulb but this won’t affect it fitting into your light or requiring an extra fitting. Hive Active Light comes with a choice of 3 fittings you can pick from: 

  • Bayonet
  • Screw
  • GU10

Hive Active Light

Installation is very easy not different to switching from a standard bulb but remember if your light has a dimmer the active lights won’t work for you as they are not compatible with that type of light. In this review, we just had a normal on/off light so no issues with using the Hive Active Light. 

Set up is very easy once the bulb has been fitted it will start to flash as this is a sign it’s searching for the hub. On the Hive app simply tap the menu button then install devices and follow the on-screen instructions which only takes a couple of minutes to install. You can name the light on the app so you can command it via your smart speaker and command them remotely.  

Hive Active Light

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The light bulb is 9W with an output of 806 lumens and a colour temperature of 2700K to 6500K for the cool to warm light which we are reviewing that costs £29. You can invest a little more and for £44 you can get the colour changing bulbs. 

Hive Active Light

Hive Active Lighting  – Features

The main features of Hive Active Lighting are the fact you can switch them on or off from anywhere perfect if you want to make your house feel homely on your way home from work. You can also adjust the brightness via the Hive app and you can also set schedules so the lights all switch off at the same time or switch on/off at said times of the day perfect if you are on holiday and want to make it look like someone in the house. 

Hive Active Light

The bulbs also work with the Hive actions so if you have a motion sensor trigger you can set a command to switch on a light in the house that could scare off an intruder. 

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Hive Active Lighting  – Verdict 

The Hive Active Lights allow you to bring that dream of using your voice to turn the lights on or off a reality, not quite that clap we have seen in the Fresh Prince of Bellair but the next best thing. I really like the fact you can adjust the brightness and with the A+ energy efficiency, it will be energy efficient and save you money. 

What I see as the main reason to invest in smart light bulbs the fact you can turn your lights on from anywhere you are via your smartphone and the fact you can set schedules for when the lights switch on/off perfect for being part of a deterrent against burglary.

The light bulbs are budget-friendly and at £29 (Currently £23 via Amazon)  to add to your smart home set up seems well worth it if you ask me.  

Product Rating:

Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars  

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