The Apple AirPods Max have finally been launched!

Apple today announced the new Airpods Max which is the brands first attempt at an over-ear pair of headphones which are reported to have high-fidelity audio, ANC, Adaptive EQ among other features.
The Apple Airpods Max will be available on the 14th December but they are priced at £549 which puts these in a very expensive part of the market.
Apple Airpods Max

The Apple Airpods Max is the most high profile launch in some time and question marks have risen to see if they can hit the high standards you expect with Apple.

How Do They Look?

Apple has continued with the minimalist design you come to expect with Apple. They come in a stainless steel build and are available in a number of colours including Sky Blue, Green, Space Gray to name a few.

Apple considers the comfort level thanks to its mesh headband that apparently is designed to reduce head pressure. The headband frame is stainless steel with telescoping headband arms that can be extended if you wish.  Also adding to the comfort levels in the memory foam padded ear cups which will keep your ears comfortable for long periods of use.

The controls are very similar to that of an Apple Watch using the digital crown dial that provides precise volume control and all the rest of the controls you expect like track controls, call answering and smart assistant.  These headphones also come with a noise control button that also allows you to switch to transparency mode.

Charging wise it uses Apple Lightning port and you even get a charging cable which is nice of Apple.  The Airpods Max also come with a smart case that puts your headphones in an ultralow-power state but the look of this case reminds me of my nan’s handbag what are they thinking!

Apple Airpods Max Case

If you wanted to make sure you have these for Christmas you can pre-order now.


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