On September 14, 2021, Apple officially launched its iPhone 13 series in the global market. With the release of this iPhone, Apple introduced its first gadget that has iOS 15 software. Apple has included new security features in this latest iOS version.

With ‘Mail Privacy Protection’, iPhone users can prevent hackers from accessing the emails. Additionally, there is going to be an Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature in Safari. Do you know the function of this security feature? The developers have added this feature to enhance web security.

You might also get an App Privacy Report feature on the iPhone 13 Mini or Pro Max. But, Apple has announced that iOS 14 users don’t need to update their device software immediately. Therefore, a handful of security features are lined up to release in iOS 15. Thus, consider updating iOS 14 to iOS 15 for a better security enhancement. Because the developers won’t stop including new security features in iOS 14.

Even after the iOS 15 launch, you can continue using the iOS 14 features. There won’t be any compatibility issues or glitches in this previous iOS version. However, after iOS 16, you might need to switch from iOS 14 to iOS 15.

When will the New Security Features be added to iOS 14?

Apple unveiled that iOS 14 will get advanced security features after the iOS 15 release. While using iOS 13, many iPhone users faced data vulnerabilities. But, in iOS 14, Apple has successfully combated the data loss situations. In this iOS, the developers updated the security patches to provide the user’s a new experience.

Earlier in iOS 13, iPhone 11 users faced hefty security issues. Some users noticed that their FaceTime contacts were exposed after updating the software. Even a security bug provided the camera access to the third-party applications. Contact iPhone repair service, if you are experiencing any security issues.

Moreover, the iPhone user’s MAC addresses were hacked after the iOS 13 update. Even a few faced severe cybersecurity threats on this iPhone software. Memory corruption issue is a major dispute of iOS 13.

Additionally, hackers were unable to see the lock screen notifications, and this creates a major security concern for iPhone owners across the globe. Apple has modified and removed these unprecedented problems from iOS 14. So, if you’re still using the iOS 13, update the software to unleash endless possibilities.

iOS 14: What are its Latest Security Features?

Apple has made significant improvements in the iOS 14 to keep the user’s data secure. Moreover, iPhone owners could get an App Tracking Transparency feature in a few days. This security feature limits the permission of the apps that access sensitive information. Before the introduction of iOS 14, users controlled app permissions from “Settings”. All the iPhone owners had to turn off the toggle of “App Tracking”.

But, Apple found out that this feature isn’t effective enough to track the app detail. So, it becomes essential to include a new security feature for the user’s safety. Moreover, you no longer need to check whether there is any latest version of iOS available. In iOS 14, the latest software will automatically get updated. And, there will be an additional option to update the existing security feature as well.

Where Can You Find the Latest Software & Security Update Option? 

Once you get into iOS 14, move to the ‘Settings” section first. Right after that, look for the “Software Update” option and tap on that. Can you see the ‘Automatic Updates” section now? Opt for this option. You will be prompted with two options — “Download New Updates” and “Install Security Updates”. Toggle On both these auto-update options for a hassle-free system update. And, make sure to use a stable Wi-Fi connection. It will help you to complete the software and security update quickly.

Usually, iOS 14 takes less than 20 minutes to install on the iPhone. But, if the Wi-Fi strength is poor, it might take an hour or two to complete. Additionally, there should be an adequate amount of storage in the iOS devices. Check whether the iPhone has more than 50% of battery health, before updating the software.

After the software and security update, Apple will send you a notification. But, if you didn’t receive any notifications, reach out to an expert now. And, here is the list of the features that you can get after the iOS 14 security update:

Get An Automatic Password Selection Option

More than 50,000 iPhones were hacked in 2020. Among them, 80% of devices become vulnerable to setting easy to decode passcodes. Usually, iPhone owners use six or four-digit passwords. But, using passwords like “134567” or “acdbce” can cause security issues.

Some users faced data loss incidents even after using both numeric and alphabets. Therefore, it becomes difficult to identify which passcodes will be hard to guess. And, for this reason, Apple added a new password recommendation feature in iOS 14.

With this feature, you can remove weak passwords and add a new one. But, do you know where this option is located? After going to the “Settings” section, tap on “Passwords” and choose “Security Recommendations”.

You will be directed to a page where there will be a list of problematic passwords. Moreover, the users can see which passwords they have used multiple times. Reset the existing passcode by selecting the “Change Password” option. Go through the list and choose any of the passwords that appear on the screen.

An Exclusive Privacy Report Feature is on the Way

Apple has deployed a few security features in Safari with the iOS 14 release. And, its “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’ feature is one of them. Though, this feature was also there in the iOS 13 and earlier versions. But, the developers claimed that this feature has become more advanced in iOS 14. You can now restrict the ISP to track your online activities by enabling this feature. Alongside, iPhone users should check the “Privacy Report” to continue browsing safely.

Where Can You Get the “Privacy Report” Option in Safari?

After accessing Safari, go to the address bar and search for the “AA” button. And, once you find that, tap on it, and then select the “Privacy Report’ option. A window will appear on the device screen where you can see the list of malicious websites. Even users can check how many hackers have tried to breach the website data. Additionally, you can see the percentile of trackers who have viewed the IP addresses.

Unfortunately, after 30 days, Safari removes the previous website tracking information. So, consider checking Safari’s Privacy report daily to prevent unwanted tracking. And, if you want to clear the Privacy report Data, head towards the “Settings” option. After that, tap on Safari first and then on “Clear History”. From there, select the “Website Data” option; that’s it!

What are the Other Effective Security Features of iOS 14?

Apple got requests from millions of iPhone users to add clipboard monitoring features. And, last year, the developers revamped the Clipboard app. A new notification feature was added to this essential iOS app. This feature will help you to keep track of the apps that share the clipboard information.

Additionally, users will get new MAC addresses after connecting the iPhone with Wi-Fi. You can even stop sharing the iCloud photos to a specific app on iOS 14. So, what are you waiting for? Get high-end security features by updating the iOS now!

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