Etymotic has announced the release of EVO, a culmination of 30 years of earphone engineering research and innovation. The Etymotic engineers have worked diligently to make these the highest-quality and truest sounding earphones on the market.

The EVO was created to match the audiophile’s lifestyle. By using a two-way design, it produces a tight, low-end sub bass while providing a true and transparent sound across the entire frequency spectrum. Beautifully integrating three balanced armature drivers into a moulded stainless-steel shell, the Evo truly is beautiful in both sight and sound.

Accuracy-driven engineering and comfort-based design deliver an innovative new product for the Etymotic line. The Etymotic EVO is the most accurate multi-driver earphone on the market.

Etymotic EVO

Commenting on the new release, Tal Kocen, Director of Consumer Product Development at Lucid Audio said:

“We waited so long to put out a multi-driver earphone because we wanted to make sure that it was the best it could be and held to our exacting standards for earphone design and sonic qualities. The EVO is truly where precision meets audio and you’ll immediately hear it the first time you listen”

Reliability and performance are the priorities for EVO. To accomplish this, Etymotic designed the EVO with the Estron T2 Talon Connector. The T2 Talon is a superior connector that is small, lightweight, and will far outlast the competition. In partnership with Estron Etymotic has also included an ultralight, low impedance Linum BaX cable that was designed to be durable while remaining almost invisible while you wear it.

The Etymotic engineering team, utilizing years of research on the physiology of the ear, designed a shell that fits comfortably in the concha of the ear making for a semi-custom design that fits the majority of people.

Innovation, education, and hearing conservation are central to Etymotic’s mission. The EVO improves upon that mission and continues to advance earphone technology.

More information about the Etymotic EVO:

The Etymotic EVO is available to pre-order now for £499.95/$499.95 at (UK) and (US). Stock will be available from the 11th June 2021 and will also be available on


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