With these autumn nights creeping closer the delight of sitting by a fire and melting marshmallows is coming quicker than we think. If you’re looking to add to the experience why not add a little music with the Juice Jumbo Marshmallow Bluetooth speaker that won’t dent the wallet at only £11.99 via Amazon, ideal for around the house, in the garden or if you are lucky to go on holiday and want a Bluetooth speaker without paying the world.  

Juice Jumbo Marshmallow

Juice is a brand that is known for looking after the planet so you will be pleased to know all the packaging is fully recyclable. Inside the packaging you get the following: 

  • 1x Jumbo Marshmallow speaker
  • 1x Micro USB charging cable
  • 1x Carry Pouch
  • 1x Carry Strap
  • 1x Instruction booklet. 

Juice Jumbo Marshmallow



The Juice Jumbo Marshmallow speaker comes in 2 colours-  Black or White. In this review, we were sent the white version and size-wise at only 76.7 x60mm meaning it won’t take much room on the side. Weight-wise it’s only 222g meaning it’s fairly lightweight you won’t have an issue moving this speaker around.


Shape wise as the name suggests is the same shape as a marshmallow with the speaker on the top the rounded design allows you to listen to music at any angle. The speaker also comes with a power button on the rear surrounded by 2 rubber feet to keep the speaker from sliding. Finally, the speaker has a Micro USB port at the front of the speaker.  

Juice Jumbo Marshmallow


Pairing the speaker is simple, turn the speaker on and it will start pairing mode instantly. You will notice a small flashing blue LED in the base of the speaker once connected it will stay blue. 


The speaker is connected to Bluetooth 5.0 meaning any phone will connect to it and comes with an impressive 10m range and it works well. We tested the distance and it performed really well. I took my phone to the max 10m and it was still paying as if it was next to the speaker.   


Battery wise this little speaker offers you 4 hours of playback due to an 800mAh battery and can be fully charged in just 2.5 hours meaning it won’t take long to recharge and be on the go. 

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The Juice Jumbo Marshmallow speaker actually offers a decent sound. The mids and highs come through really well but it’s when this speaker is near a wall the bass enhances the lows quite nicely. The bass does decrease when you have the speaker in your hand so that is not surprising. It’s really surprising being just a 3W speaker. It’s ideal for when you’re just at home and want a bit of music in the kitchen while cooking up a storm or you want a speaker by the pool. 

Juice Jumbo Marshmallow

The controls on this speaker are also very simple once paired: a quick press will play the music and a short press will increase the volume. The only downside is decreasing the volume or track control has to be done via your phone.


 The speaker will also allow you to receive a call by simply making a quick press of the power button but you can’t use the speaker to reject a call. 


The Juice Jumbo Marshmallow is small and compact and perfect for those who want a Bluetooth speaker with good sound, excellent Bluetooth range but most importantly is budget-friendly. This speaker is ideal, it’s not perfect but the small negatives in terms of the controls can be overlooked. 

Ideal for those who want a Bluetooth speaker when on a budget.

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