Thinking about what to get for Dad? Why not light up his life with some LIFX, the rise in Smarthome lighting has gone through the roof and one brand really upping the game is, LIFX.

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LIFX Nightvision BR30

Color BR30 / £64.99

The LIFX Nightvision BR30 is the perfect indoor and outdoor light for dads who love spending time outside in the garden, during the upcoming summer months or a great safety night vision bulb to keep and clear eye on that little special someone asleep in a different room to you.

With IP65 dust and waterproof status, the LIFX Nightvision is designed to survive all weather conditions so come rain or sunshine, allowing you to create well suited lighting ambiance. Available in a range of colours, including whites, pastels and bold, there’s an outdoor light for every occasion – from relaxing dinner parties to colourful karaoke parties (if that’s how your dad likes to entertain)! As one of the only smart lights to feature Infrared light, they’re also great for indoors and for an added sense of security around the house!


LIFX Colour Smart Bulbs

LIFX Colour £39.99 

The LIFX Colour Smart Bulbs are not only colourful, offering a range of different colours to bring colour and joy into your homes, they’re also energy efficient.

Using a very small amount of energy per light compared to halogen and incandescent lighting, the bulbs can adapt to your preferred settings – from dim nightlight to a super-bright task light to mood lighting.

The automatic feature means you won’t accidentally leave the house with the lights still on and thanks to the LIFX app, you can schedule when the lights come on and off ensuring that you’re only using energy when needed. The LIFX colour smart bulbs are some of the brightest smart lights and offer the deepest colour range in the market and are proven to last decades, resulting in less waste and more savings over the years!

LightStrip (1M or 2M)

Lightstrip 2m / £79.99 

A flexible 1m or 2m, the LIFX LightStrip is perfect for dads who love a pop of colour! Featuring LIFX’s unique Polychrome Technology, there are 8 addressable colour zones per light strip, and millions of colours to choose from.

These are great for the Work From Home setups or if your Dad is a wannabe gamer and wants to create his very own gaming man den, looking all pro on Twitch or something!

Add more extensions up to 10M for the perfect installation, transforming any room – perfect for parties, gaming, baby rooms & updating working from home spaces! Light strips are all the rage currently, but, don’t say we didn’t warn you…these are addictive products!!!

If not controlled, you will end up having the most colourful house on the street!

Thanks to the LIFX app, you can schedule when you want the lights to come on & off and schedule colour changes throughout the day, not only helping to impress guests but also ensuring energy efficiency and an added sense of security when away from home.

LIFX Warm to White / £24.99 

A customisable smart light, inspired by the sun, the LIFX White to Warm features over 1,000 shades of bright whites for invigorated mornings and rich ambers for relaxing evenings.

Ged rid of the jolting morning alarm and rise naturally with LIFX. With schedules that slowly turn your lights on to imitate sunrise, waking up in the mornings has never been easier! Ready to switch off after a long day?

Switch from cool white to warm amber, and dim all the way down to 1% for a better night’s sleep.

LIFX Colour A60

LIFX Colour A60 / £54.99

The brightest LIFX product, the LIFX Colour A60 packs a serious 1200 lumen punch!

Featuring billions of different colours as well as a variety of cool-to-warm ranges of whites, there’s something for everyone with the A60! Designed to fit anywhere around the house, the A60 can change the mood of the room in an instant.


For those who love an upgrade, you can take advantage of the endless integration options! HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, Smart Things, and Cortana compatible, you can control the lights from a simple voice request or through the LIFX App.

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