Master Lock, the American security super brand, is excited to announce the launch of the Biometric Security Safe to join the brand’s expanding easy access range. Following the success of the Biometric Padlock that launched earlier in
2020, the new Biometric Security Safe offers a practical solution to security at the touch of a fingerprint!

The Biometric Security Safe is the ideal home and office solution for protecting precious valuables and electronics against theft. The biometric lock allows users to store up to 30 fingerprints there is no need to memorise tricky
combinations or codes. There is also no danger of keys getting into the wrong hands or becoming lost.

The security mechanism comprises of two steel motorised bolts and a concealed hinge for increased protection against attacks and prying attempts. The body of the Biometric Security Safe consists of a solid steel construction for a robust
outer layer. The interior features a carpeted floor to prevent the contents from scratches during storage and a handy interior light for added visibility in the dark or low light.

Additionally, since the Biometric Security Safe does away with fiddly keys, it is a great security option for those that suffer with joint pains as gaining access does not require any uncomfortable twisting. It is also useful for the more forgetful who might misplace keys or misremember codes as all that is required is a fingerprint.

Thanks to an integrated battery jump kit and set of two override keys, users can rest safe in the knowledge that they can always have access to the safe, even in the event of flat batteries. The safe requires 4 AA alkaline batteries to operate which are easily accessible and replaceable.

Boasting a large interior 25.4 litres capacity, the Biometric Security Safe is suitable for storing a wide range of precious items and electronics such as passports, cheque books, small electronics like cameras, tablets, laptops and
important A4 sized documents.

Master Lock Launch

The neat size makes it ideal to integrate into a variety of existing pieces of furniture such as wardrobes, desks and cupboards making the safe easy to conceal from sight.

Master Lock’s 90-plus years of security expertise means users can rely on a product that has been perfected and designed from the ground up by a team of dedicated security professionals at the brand’s headquarters in Wisconsin,

The Master Lock LX110BEURHRO Large Biometric Security Safe will be available from a variety of retailers including For more information please visit – SRP from ***£199.00