Following the current discount promo activity on Wiibuying, there are a few listed items you can now purchase for very comfortable price tags. To be able to purchase these items on Wiibuyig for the discount price and get new users reward, you have to first register or have an account with Wiibuying Store.

The new users will get a free coupon worth $10.00 only for newly registered users. Once you have successfully registered the account, you will instantly get the coupon sent to your email directly. Interestingly, you can apply that new user’s coupon for all products on the Wiibuying Store. For comfortability and easy creating of the account, you can use third-party social media login to create an account swiftly.

You can purchase the kospet rock 1.69-inch smartwatch, bluedio T7 Plus, honor band 6, Lenovo HX106 all at great prices after using the coupon code seen below each of the following items I will write a few features about. These coupon codes are different from that of the new user’s coupon code that you will be rewarded to new users of the Wiibuying Store.

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Kospet Rock 1.69 inch Large Screen Smartwatch

Of recent, the Kospet Rock has the join the likes of other smartwatches to be regarded as a rugged smartwatch. This smartwatch from Kospet has a very gallant body which helps protect it from scratches, absorption of water, etc. This smartwatch has proven to be an ideal watch fit to be used in tough environments. Interestingly, the makers of this rugged smartwatch have made it to be water-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof certified.

Furthermore, Kospet Rock comes with a remarkable 1.69-inch large display with high resolutions to display characters vividly. This watch was embedded with about twenty (20) sports tracking modes which include swimming, basketball, football,  trail running, cycling, climbing, baseball, running, and walking.

Best to control the smartwatch is the  Da Fit App which can be installed via the Google play store or the Apple store depending on the smartphone you are using. As for the battery capacity, the Kospet Rock is equipped with a 350mAh super large battery that can last users for about 45 to 50 days standby time.

Another interesting part of this watch is the notification ability which is ever ready to notify users of incoming calls, text messages from several social media Apps like WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk, Instagram, Skype, and so on. Lastly, there are other embedded features on this smartwatch that helps to add more fancy and gestures for users.

 Main Specifications Of Kospet Rock 1.69 inch Large Screen Smartwatch

● Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
● Chipset: nRF52840
● Memory: RAM 64KB + ROM 128M
● Waterproof protection: 3ATM Waterproof
● Display: 1.69 inch TFT screen, resolution 240 * 280
● Battery capacity: 350mAh polymer battery
● Battery life: 14 days of daily use, 50 days of standby
● Connectivity: The phone APP Name is Da Fit
● Compatible mobile phone versions: IOS 10.0 and above, Android 5.1 and above respectively.

Where To Buy:

The Kospet Rock Smartwatch can now be purchased for $29.99 on Wiibuying by applying this coupon code: 53RRDET4.


Huawei Honor Band 6

Currently, the Honor Band 6 can now be purchased for a lower price than ever before on the Wiibuying store. This Band from Huawei is also known to be a top-rated fitness tracking device currently in the market.

Most users or wishers do not know that this band has two versions which are Honor Band 6 ARG-B19 CN Standard version and Honor Band 6 ARG-B29 CN Version. The difference between these two versions is just the presence and absence of the NFC function.

In a nutshell, the Honor Band 6 ARG-B29 CN Version is NFC certified while the Honor Band 6 ARG-B19 CN Standard version does not have NFC.

Honor Band 6 comes with a convenient and accurate blood oxygen detection feature that helps users know about their physical body state. As a fitness band, it features about ten (10) professional sports mode which involves outdoor running, swimming, indoor running, rowing machine, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, free training, elliptical machine, and indoor walking respectively. Below are the main features of this band from Huawei.

Main Features Of Huawei Honor Band 6:

  • Display: AMOLED color touchscreen 1.47 inch with 100+ fabulous watch faces
  • Battery: Typical 2 weeks battery life with convenient magnetic fast charging
  • Smart 24h heart rate monitoring with abnormal pulse active reminder
  • Female cycle management and reminder (via OTA, not yet available on iOS)
  • Support blood oxygen saturation SpO2 check to know your body better
  • Sports type auto recognition, 10 professional workout modes, and guiding

Where To Buy:

The Honor Band 6 is now available for $41.99 on Wiibuying after applying this coupon code: 53RRDET4 when you want to purchase it.


Lenovo HX106 Wireless Ear Hook Headphones with Microphone


Last but not least is the Lenovo HX106 wireless ear hook headphone which has its own microphone is now priced at $10.99. Technically, that is the lowest price you can ever purchase this item at any store and you have to apply the coupon code: 53RRDET4 when purchasing it from Wiibuying.

Judging by the appearance, the Lenovo HX106 has a very attractive look and it is very comfortable to wear and carry on your ear. This wireless headphone packs a 160mAh in-built battery that is durable to last users for a considerable long period of time. With this headphone from Lenovo, users can now enjoy a balanced and optimized high and medium bass quality.

Where To Buy:

The Lenovo HX106 is now available for $10.99 on Wiibuying after applying this coupon code: 53RRDET4 when you want to purchase it.



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