As technology continues to grow, applications like VPNs were made to ensure android phone’s security. Although, we have listed the five best VPNs for Android phones that were tested and rated to be also trusted. You need to read this article to be aware of these important VPNs you must need to secure your private information from getting hacked or leaked. It is an already known fact that numerous websites and platforms are no longer safe to visit or click on when your Android phones or PCs are unprotected. Know these five VPNs for Android phones and PCs if you value an intact personal security lifestyle.


  • ExpressVPN

Well, the ExpressVPN was tested and trusted to be the first of the Five best VPNs that protects your security ruggedly. It will interest you to know that the ExpressVPN is widely compactable and supported in different devices. That is to say, you can use it irrespective of the device (PCs, tablets, iOS, or Android ) you are using to browse.  

Another thing is that the ExpressVPN was professionally built for this purpose featuring a high-speed ability and it is ruggedly powered by the next-generation technology. You only need to subscribe to the VPN once to be right where you want.

  • NordVPN

Following our listed five best VPNs, the NordVPN is also recognized as one of the top-rated available VPNs that ensures your browsing safety. There is currently an ongoing opportunity to get the best two-year plan (65% OFF) deal when you install and want to subscribe to the VPN. NordVPN ensures its user’s encrypted secured access to the internet. It was made to be compactable with all computers, smartphones (iOs/Android), and tablets. The connectivity speed is something that makes NordVPN the most wanted and forever appreciated VPN for now. You just need to create an account with NordVPN and choose a subscription plan that suits your desired purpose.

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  • Surfshark

This third VPN Surfshark is your surest secured access to securing and privatizing your personal pieces of information making another legitly built VPN for your devices. However, the sensitivity and high-speed connectivity are some of the extraordinary features of this VPN that makes it stand out and unique. It is now too obvious that you surely need to protect your information with Surfshark VPN from online threats. A few tricks you should always know is that you need a VPN to stop unnecessary Ad, prevent identity theft, hacking (system override) malware, and phishing attacks on your smartphone due to visiting a malicious website unprotected. Surfshark is available for different devices (Android Tv, PCs, smartphone, and tablets).


HMA is an abbreviation for hide my access and just as the name implies, you’ve already got to know it is eager to serve you better. HMA offers all the available locations any reliable VPN would provide so far. To enjoy most services from HMA, you need to create an account and also do a one-time subscription. This particular VPN allows the use of one account to safeguard all your devices be it your PC, Tablets, or smart, Smartphone. That is, logging in to your account on any of your devices like your smartphone, PC, Android Tv. The mode of use of this VPN is very simple and quick unlike those regular VPNs on App stores.


  • ProtonVPN

You have to protect your personal information online with the full support of ProtonVPN. It is also known as one of the most secured VPN so far that has proven itself to be on our list. ProtonVPN is a Switzerland-based VPN that has a higher percentage of the world’s privacy laws. This VPN does not in any form monitor or track your browsing activities. ProtonVPN got you covered even if you are under surveillance of any cyber form.

Users of any smartphone or PC that accesses the internet must have any of these five VPNs installed on their device for the best and most secured internet browsing or access. 


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