Apple is, and will still be one of the top-rated manufacturers of smart home devices/ electronics. The Apple HomePod Mini has proven to be a better choice when it comes to the purchase and usage of a speaker of this caliber. However, the HomePod Mini is a portable and cheaper model of the known Apple HomePod which is larger in size. Most individuals find handy speakers appealing, and also as the best choice. Apple has endeavored to make this HomePod Mini available as an alternative for a bigger-sized HomePod.

Apple HomePod Mini placed on a table

Apple HomePod Mini placed on a table

Apple HomePod Mini was released a few months ago as a smaller and cheaper model of the normal HomePod which was released sometime in 2018. Both the HomePod and the Mini have the ability to control your smart home devices and also stream music online.

When looking at the size of the Homepod Mini, you will be amazed by the sound produced from a speaker of that size. That is to say, despite the size of the HomePod Mini, it has a very good sound quality that covers 360 degrees audio. The Apple HomePod Mini at that size is designed to fit anywhere in your home or office. Physically looking at the Apple HomePod Mini, it has a stylish design and gallant look. The body is made of a mesh fabric that perfectly allows freely the passing of sound through it. At the top of this device, there are quick control buttons for sending fast commands to the speaker.

Apple also deemed this speaker fit to possess the Siri voice control feature and they embedded it on the HomePod Mini. In a situation whereby an individual has about four Apple HomePod Mini in four different rooms, they can use the Siri voice control to play different music in all four rooms. Apple also made it possible for users to be able to create a stereo pair. When you create the stereo pair, you can connect two HomePod Mini at the same time to serve as two different speakers for an immersive sound experience.

The HomePod Mini being an Apple-made speaker works perfectly with other Apple devices. Be it your Apple Tv, iPhone, or Mac they all are suitable and easily connectable devices to the HomePod Mini.  Apple also embedded other responsive automatic gestures to the HomePod Mini whenever they are being connected to an iPhone. With some of these gestures, you instantly get the controls at your fingertip.

Talking more about the active  Siri feature which was embedded on this speaker. It aids you with easy controls and tasks on the HomePod Mini. Whatever you want to do with the speaker, be it listening to music or searching for your favorite song, just ask Siri. Apple HomePod Mini Siri feature can also recognize up to six or seven different members of the family or friend’s voice.

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When you have more than one Apple HomePod Mini in different rooms, you can easily communicate with the individual in those rooms with your voice using an intercom. Fortunately, Intercom also works with your other Apple devices and Apps. You can send and receive messages through CarPlay while you’re driving, and through your Apple Watch.

Owning an Apple HomePod Mini offers you a smarter chance to remotely control your HomeKit accessories with enough ease.

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