Swedish audio brand Audio Pro who is more well known for their indoor speakers such as the C10 have now turned their hand to portable speakers and in this review, we look at the P5 which is portable and small enough to go in your beach bag for that staycation.

Who is Audio Pro?

Audio Pro is a Swedish brand that has been around since 1978 Audio Pro is the brainchild of Karl-Erik Stahl. Audio Pro was designed with one thing in mind to create the best sound quality at the best price possible. Audio Pro now has a global reach available in 45 counties.

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The P5 as mentioned is quite a small speaker measuring 97 x220 x 53mm (HxWxD). It is also lightweight at only 729 grams now even though the speaker is small in size and lightweight it’s still a tad heavy to just hang off a backpack but using the speaker at the beach or garden is where the speaker comes into its own with powerful sound quality but more on that later.  

The Speaker costs £139 and offers IPX4 rated and also allows for you to connect to a second P5 for that stereo sound ideal for a garden party or BBQ with lots of family and friends over. 

The look of the P5 is designed with a sleek black finish and yes it’s only available in one colour. It has a rubberised material covering the majority of the speaker which adds to its durability. You also get a handy wrist strap for when you’re using it outside and want to hang the speaker up.  

Audio Pro P5 Review

On the side of the speaker, you have a rubberised cover protecting that USB-C and 3.5 AUX port. 

Audio Pro P5 Review

Finally, this is all connected via Bluetooth 5.0 so it’s ideal for streaming music via Amazon Music or Spotify. Moving on to the controls you have an LED indicator alongside 4 buttons: 

  • Power button
  • Volume Decrease
  • Volume Increase
  • Bluetooth pair button. 

Audio Pro P5 Review

Pairing the device is very normal to any other device I have paired via my phone and was very easy and not problematic at all. Even when pairing to a second device just press and hold the pairing buttons of both speakers and they will pair. Unfortunately, I was only given one speaker to review so could not test the stereo mode. 

Audio Quality

The P5 as you might expect really sounds very good, the bass and treble sound fantastic, the bass adds detail and does not get overridden considering the size of the speaker.  When listening to something like Kate Nash Foundations the vocals sound beautifully pure without any harshness you might see from other speakers. The recommended volume is 50% volume but the higher you go past 50% volume it does impact the battery life this is mainly due to the high fidelity of the speaker. 

Audio Pro P5 Review

When listening to something like Jamiroquai Cosmic Girl this showcases what this speaker can do regardless of volume you get a dynamic and punchy track and captures the rhythm essence of the overall track.  

You can position the speaker on its small rubber feet or lay it down and it will direct the sound and still offer excellent sound. You also have that 3.5mm AUX port when you want to have a wired connection and still provide excellent sound that is deep with detail and texture which is everything you need in this speaker. 

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Battery Life

The P5 also impresses on the battery life you will get 18 hrs of battery life at 50% volume but this drops dramatically if you take it to the max volume you only get 4 hrs due to the high fidelity of the speaker.

I found if you’re using this in the garden at 50% volume you will have no issues with battery life but venture to somewhere like a beach where you might want extra volume then that battery life did become a slight concern but even at 4 hrs, it should offer you all the music you need while entertaining or going out. Now you will get a slight warning with the flashing red light but a more detailed battery indicator would have been helpful. 


The Audio Pro P5 speaker is simplistic in design but the focus here is the audio quality and this is where Audio Pro excels. The controls on the speaker I did find a little unresponsive you really need to press them for an action which is a little annoying. 

I found the fact track control has to be done via your phone a little surprising as lots of portable speakers I have reviewed allow you to change the track via the speaker. 

Audio Pro P5 Review

The main issue you might have with this speaker is the battery life. At 50% volume, you get 18 hours but listen to this speaker at 100% and unfortunately, it drops to 4 hours. Although it provides excellent audio the fact your kind of stuck to 50% volume to reserve battery life might put some buyers off.  

If you can live with your music coming out at 50% volume which should not be an issue for most you then get a fantastic overall sound profile and the fact that regardless of the speaker laying down or standing on its feet the sound stays the same this makes a great effort from Audio Pro. 

My only issue is at £139 I feel it could be a little on the high side especially with something like Marshall Emberton costing £129 or JBL Flip Essential at £79.99. As you can see there are more budget-friendly speakers on the market without the volume limitations.  

Product Rating:

  • Design: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Audio Performance: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Battery: 3.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Value for Money : 4.0 out of 5.0 stars            

Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 stars – 4.25 Stars 

The Audio Pro P5 is available for £139 from audioaffair.co.uk


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