With many of us going of staycations to parts of the UK we might not have been to before having a quality sat nav is vital. That is why we are delighted to offer our readers a special 3 month trial to TomTom’s Go Nav. 

TomTom Go Nav offer

So scan the following QR code and bingo you have a 3-month trial completely free. Once the trial ends the user does not have to cancel as the trial will cancel automatically. Want to keep it the Go Nav app it’s just £1.99 per month. 

What is TomTom Go Nav? 

The TomTom Go Mobile app for iOS phone users offers maps for the entire world and promises a hassle-free drive. It’s free from the App Store but you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee of £1.99 if you want traffic or speed camera data.  

How to take advantage of this deal: 

Here is the code you need to Scan:

We would love to hear how you get on with the app and where you go on your staycation so leave a comment below.

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