Swedish hi-fi masters upgrade award-winning multiroom speaker with AirPlay
2 and Google Cast compatibility

Audio Pro has today announced the launch of the C10 MkII multiroom speaker, allying three kinds of multiroom audio capability with the brand’s renowned sound quality and design aesthetic.

An upgrade on the award-winning C10, the MkII now allows listeners to create powerful multiroom sound through AirPlay 2 and Google Cast, as well as the Audio Pro app.

Audio Pro  C10 MkII

This expansion of streaming capability was a direct response to customer demand, explains Jens Henriksen, the company’s chief commercial officer. “This new triple function comes after customer feedback requested flexibility and choice in how they can enjoy audio via Audio Pro multiroom systems”, says Henriksen. “Being able to connect Audio Pro speakers with others that use Google Cast or AirPlay 2 provides endless capabilities.”

Multiroom sound is not the only feature that can be customised to the user’s liking; the MkII’s appearance can also be changed according to your tastes. Fixed with hidden magnets, the speaker’s mesh fabric front can be quickly removed to revert to Audio Pro’s classic look. Keep the covering on if you prefer a more understated, contemporary aesthetic.

For those that are analogue at heart, the C10 can be connected directly to a vinyl record player, combining vintage audio technology with the cutting edge, all the while maintaining Audio Pro’s award-winning sound per pound.

The MkII’s preset buttons have also been increased to six from its predecessor, allowing users to save and store their favourite playlists and radio stations for easy access whenever they please, without needing to reach for the Audio Pro app.

“The C10 has scooped multiple awards,” continues Henriksen, “and we expect this to continue with its latest evolution, C10 MkII. Not only has the appearance been enhanced but its acoustics have also been improved, changing the design of the bass reflex port for better flow and updating a number of critical components inside. Not only can this upgraded sound quality be enjoyed through Audio Pro’s multiroom system, but within Apple and Google systems.”

Audio Pro’s C10 MkII will be available for pre-order at richersounds.com, retailing for £360 in Arctic White, Storm Grey or Coal Black.


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