Lots of us will be suffering a bit of back pain and looking for ways to reduce pain and improve mobility in lockdown. The LifenaXX Mini Massager LX-025 offers a real alternative as sports therapists are all closed due to the current covid restrictions. 

In this review, we have been sent the LifenaXX mini massager LX-025 which costs £62.78 on Amazon. 

Lifenaxx Mini Massager LX-025

Who is Lifenaxx?

The brand Lifenaxx is owned by Technaxx who we have covered a number of there products.


Technaxx is a German manufacturer of multimedia, security and lifestyle products, as well as car accessories with its headquarters in Frankfurt and Main. They have been on the market since 2002. Technaxx® product range also includes many own brands, such as MusicMan®, TrendGeek®, and LifenaXX®. In 2021 Technaxx receives “No.1 Best Brand” award in the category “Outdoor-Trailcameras” by the famous European tech magazine “Computer Bild”. Technaxx brings out products with full passion and a push for innovation which is very true considering the Technaxx Disco Mobile charger.


Design of the Mini Massager LX-025 


LifenaXX is not the only brand on the market producing massage guns with others such as Flux Massagers, Muscleguns, Renpho all around that £100 mark so the Lifenaxx costing £62 offers excellent value. 


The LX-025 is made of plastic but does not look cheap at all in fact it’s really well built and is also very lightweight at 0.4 KG and size-wise the gun comes in at the following size 16 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm (LxWxH) allowing it to be portable and used anywhere and very easy to pop in your bag when not in use. 

Lifenaxx Mini Massager LX-025

The Mini Massager comes with a USB-C charge cable with the charge port on the base of the gun. Also on the base is the power button which doubles up to change the speeds from 1200 RPM to 2800 RPM (4 Speeds available). This is indicated by 4 LED’s that lights up as you increase the speed. 

Lifenaxx Mini Massager LX-025

Battery wise you get 2 hours of use due to a 2000mAh lithium battery which if you’re enjoying a good massage it offers a good battery life. When its time to charge just plug that USB-C cable in and it will take about 180 minutes to recharge.

Inside the box you get the massage gun, USB-C cable and also 4 massage heads that are suitable for different parts of the body for example: 

  • Forked Head– Suitable for muscles and soft tissue on both sides of the spine.
  • Flat Head– Suitable for all body parts.
  • Global head- Suitable for muscle groups and soft tissue.
  • Bullet Head– Suitable for musculature and soft tissue near body joints.

Lifenaxx Mini Massager LX-025

Performance of the Lifemaxx Mini Massager LX-025 

The Mini Massage gun is very easy to use simply replace the head for the one you want to use and switch it on with the button on the base. Make sure you fit the head you want to use in the gun otherwise it will fly right out.

As mentioned once you switch on the massage gun just place it on the area of concern and enjoy. The Massage gun is great for problem areas such as arms, legs, neck, back and shoulders. 

You get 4 speeds available 1200, 1800, 2400 & 2800 RPM with the strongest setting that provides a very deep vibration that does get rid of these knots around the neck and back area it was a delight personally as I enjoy a deep sports massage and this goes some way to replacing the real thing. I can see the deep vibration might not be for those who don’t like a body shaking massage. For these people, the low speeds will offer something for everyone. 

Lifenaxx Mini Massager LX-025

After testing this massage gun for the last few weeks we found it reduces pain on areas of concern and with regular use we also found it improved mobility and improves blood circulation.

I also like this massage gun as it works very well and also does it with low noise it’s very quiet the noise at 35db meaning you can use this anywhere and it won’t affect others around you.

Would I buy the Lifenaxx Mini Massager LX- 025?  

This massage gun offers a budget-friendly massage and provides the user with full relaxation and will also aid with recovery from the current issues you might have on your back or neck especially with us all working from home. 

I really liked how easy it is to use and the fact you are given 4 different heads that suit particular parts of the body just make sure you read the instruction so you use the right head for that right part of the body. 

When we emerge from lockdown this will be ideal to warm up muscles before a workout as well as relaxing the muscles after a workout which reduces the lactic acid build-up. Which trust me you will thank Lifenaxx as no one enjoys cramp and it always happens in the middle of the night.   

Lifenaxx Mini Massager LX-025

The gun has a nice design and fits in your bag so you can use it in the gym, at work and even on the train on the way home. It offers a good battery life but my only negative is you don’t a battery indicator so you can’t tell when the battery is running low until you are out of battery which is a little annoying. I would have also liked a display to indicate the battery percentage and amount of RPM. I would have also like to have been given a storage bag or case that I could place the massage gun and also keep the different heads altogether and available to change whenever required.  

Apart from that if you’re looking for a portable massage gun that can help with pain and spasm due to muscle contusion or strains. It also helps offer a level of relaxation you would have normally got from your sports therapist when lockdown finally ends its well worth purchasing.

Product Rating:       

Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars   


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