Modern students should be able to use their time and use new technologies wisely. Current education involves not just studying books and literature, surfing through the Internet in search of the necessary information, but also studying specific specialized programs, which would be the best in helping with studies.

With the help of modern gadgets and applications, each student can ease their lot. In this article, we will look at the simplest, and most importantly, useful and effective applications for the modern student.

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Application No 1. Voice recorder

Why does a student need a voice recorder? The answer is simple, to record lectures. This application is available in any mobile phone (even the simplest, push-button one). The student does not always have time to record all the important points told by the teacher. In this case, a voice recorder comes to the rescue. Using this application does not mean that you can just sit daydreaming. It is also necessary to take notes, and the recording will be much of assistance for the student to better assimilate the material if he periodically listens to it or uses it to prepare for a test or exam, supplement the data and eliminate gaps in lectures at home.

Application # 2. Audiobooks

If you are one of those students who instantly grasp new information in the single flash, then this application will become an indispensable assistant in preparing for seminars, tests and exams. In your free time, even on the way from home to a university, you can listen to audiobooks, evolve and learn new material.

Application # 3. Calculator

This program is also available on all mobile phones. It is indispensable for economic, technical specialities, where students have to calculate certain coefficients, generate reports, make estimates, etc.

Application No. 4. Alarm clock and calendar

It would seem that these are elementary programs available in a mobile phone. In fact, they are able to simplify the student’s life: the alarm clock will “wake up” at the right time and provide full-fledged fees and preparation for the day. A calendar helps you plan your day, take notes (hourly or daily), record your class schedule, and make plans showing when and what to do. In fact, these two applications will help you build a daily routine and use the basic principles of time management: allocate time and workload, plan things in advance, etc.

Application No. 5. Self-control

This application can be used both on the phone and on the computer. Its basic role is in the fact that it blocks access to “unnecessary” applications, programs, services or websites at a specified time. For example, a student completes homework at a specific time, which will be reflected in the application. During the specified period, the application will block access to social networks and instant messengers, it is also possible to disable SIM cards so that no one bothers.

Application No. 6. Translator or foreign language learning program

Sometimes learning foreign languages ​​is not easy for students. Now even schoolchildren are forced to study two foreign languages. In order to somehow improve your situation and facilitate your studies, you can download special “translator” and “learning a foreign language” apps. The translator will help you quickly get a literal translation of text or fragments. The program for the study of foreign languages ​​will make an individual lesson plan. In each lesson, a person will learn a certain rule and words. This approach will facilitate the process of mastering a new language and the “polyglottic” abilities of the individual. Scientists have proven that learning foreign languages ​​with the custom help of modern gadgets is not only more interesting but also easier.

Application No. 7. Social networks and messengers

Of course, directly in the educational process, social networks and instant messengers are useless: they distract from classes. But they can also be used for the benefit of learning. For example, you can create a general chat group and share homework online, arrange meetings and study dates, send each other the necessary or important materials (lectures, seminars, cheat sheets, methodological recommendations, class schedule, etc.).

Application No. 8. Text editors (Microsoft Office, Notepad, etc.)

Each student is obliged to complete a written assignment, pass control and measuring material (essay, coursework, dissertation, etc.). To write it, you need at least a computer and a Microsoft Office application, a browser and an Internet connection. In order to correctly write and format the text, it is important to know how a document such as Microsoft Word works. It is in this application that the student actually writes his work, draws it up in accordance with methodological recommendations, and then prints it out and submits it for verification. Knowledge of the Microsoft Office package, Microsoft Word is a must for every student.

Thus, modern gadgets and applications (on PCs, mobile phones, tablets and other devices) can not only diversify the life of students but also alleviate their burden of study and there is no need to be PhD writers to be able to use them: it is better to digest the material and prepare for tests and exams and become more of a qualified specialist.


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