There are always a few steps between creating a product and getting successful conversions in return. An extensive system is involved when it comes to marketing a product because in this world, whatever looks good and has the buzzword around it, eventually sells well. 


Over the years, traditional marketing is pretty much taking the low road, whereas digital marketing clubbed with AR, VR, and graphics has been taking over. Social media marketing is another part of the digital marketing universe, and as a matter of fact, if you are not able to make your product move up on social media, then either something is wrong with your product or with your marketing strategy, to be precise. 


In this article, we are going to take care of the latter. So here are some universal tips for social media marketing.

Use Different Strategies for Different Platforms

If you have been using social media for a couple of years, then you would have noticed how different platforms have a separate section of the society glued to them. For example, Instagram is mainly for the younger generation who like to click and post pictures, whereas the Facebook age group ranges from 35 to 50. 


Twitter is primarily used by people who want to serve news on a platter first or just to make something go viral. So, you see how these platforms cater to different people for different purposes. Well, that is precisely the reason why you need a solid strategy for all of these platforms to engage with your audience. 


Knowing what makes each platform unique makes it easier to create tailor-made content. For instance, you may want to post multiple photos on Instagram using the guide from


Meanwhile, for Facebook or Twitter, the content could be completely different and targeted at another demographic. 

Keep Track of the Trends

Five Social Media Marketing Tips for You

Something or the other goes viral in this world every other day. Once it is viral, it becomes a trend. Sometimes, it is a feature, and sometimes, it is just another ice bucket challenge. But, even if you are not the first one to go viral, you can always jump into the trend because people on social media are always addicted to whatever pleases their senses. 


So, if you think that Instagram is pushing Reels (which it is), you should focus most of your brand strategy towards making reels. As a result, you will be able to drive more people to your brand by following a few simple trends.


Be Consistent


The key to achieving goals is consistency, and it stands true and still for even social media marketing. You cannot just start posting on social media without creating a solid strategy and fixing a few goals for yourself. 


Before you jump into the arena of social media, you need to figure out a calendar with a strategy, and under no circumstances can you allow yourself to mess it up. So, if you start posting today, make sure that you plan tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. 


Spot Communities


There are millions of communities created for almost everything worldwide – starting from little pugs to jewelry to cakes and even gaming communities. For example, if you are dealing in high-end games, laptops, and noise-canceling headphones, then you would easily find a good customer base in one of the gaming communities


You can find a lot of communities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and so on. Rather than spending all your energy to please the entire globe, it is always better to target your audience and accordingly strategize and allocate your resources. The moment you start catering to the audiences who want your product, you will be able to get results in almost no time. 


Check Your Results

Five Social Media Marketing Tips for You

If you keep blindly following your strategy and do not take a minute to analyze the results, then you will not know what you are doing wrong, and as an outcome, you will never get satisfying results. It is essential to keep track of whatever you are doing and what kind of traction it is receiving from internet users. 


Many questions like – if you are targeting the right consumer base, if your creatives are looking good, and if your hashtags are rightly targeting will puffer up in front of you as you check the analysis. The best part is that most social media sites allow you to check the insights when you need to. 




The world of social media is booming, with over 2.85 billion users only on Facebook, 1 billion on Instagram, and the numbers are always on the rise on social media platforms. These few tips and tricks will always keep you on a pedestal compared to other people who do not take social media branding as a religion. 


You can quickly get yourself the best of both worlds with an integrated marketing strategy where you mix a bit of traditional and a few digital marketing mediums on your strategy palette. So, are you going to start taking up social media marketing as a goal on a priority basis? Well, do it, and you will be amazed by the results.


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