I have recently bought a new house and we have a garage that I will be storing my bike and other important items so having a good lock to keep everything safe and secure is very important. Recently I was asked to review the latest from Masterlock. I know what your thinking a lock does not really fit on a gadget site wrong. 

The outdoor biometric security lock is a lock with a difference you have no key what you unlock it with one of these:


This lock allows up to 10 individuals the chance to have their fingerprints stored so only they can open the lock but you can also share the preset code if required. 

About Masterlock

Masterlock Logo

The Master Lock Company is one of the leading names in security and it’s very likely you will have a lock from this brand in your home. Masterlock was founded in 1921 and have built the brand with quality products that offer strength and quality in setting new standards in design and performance.  This new biometric security lock is proof of how they are moving with the times and making their products smart.  


The Masterlock outdoor biometric security lock comes with a 56mm body that has a thermoplastic elastomer which offers real durability it also comes with a 2 piece weather cover as remember this lock is used outside so it needs to handle all weathers. 

Masterlock Outdoor Biometric Security Lock Review

The shackle dimension is 9mm and offers a 51mm vertical clearance and the lock is made of boron alloy along with a zinc body to the lock adding to the overall protection rating of the lock. It’s not a lock when looking at it you would want to attempt to break to get in what it was protecting. People might notice you with a chain saw struggling. 

What makes this lock really easy to use is the centre of the lock you have that biometric interface with LED that changes colour depending on what you’re doing. The directional buttons around the interface are there if you wanted to unlock with the preset code and you are not one of the lucky 10 whose fingerprint is stored. 

This lock offers a really easy to use set up that when using it every day means no more keys as let’s face it your hardly going to lose a finger, are you? 

Masterlock Outdoor Biometric Security Lock Review

How does it work? 

The Masterlock biometric security allows for 2 different fingerprints for the primary user I decided to use my index finger on both hands but you can also have your fingerprint and then use the second fingerprint for say a housemate or in my case my future wife.

You then have the option to add 8 additional fingerprints for say family members who may need access to my garage which is what I use the lock for you can also unlock it by sharing the preset code which is also used to unlock. The lock can also be used for a series of other reasons such as toolboxes or your locker at the gym. 

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When you first set up the lock you will need to use the directional arrows and enter the code that is found on the instructions sheet (Men you need to read the instructions for this!). The code will appear top right on the instructions. Once done the lock will open and then you can start to record your fingerprint.  

Once the lock is open press the up directional button until the LED displaying a blue light turns purple and release. Place your primary finger on the interface till the green light and release repeat this process 4 times and once your fingerprint is registered you will see 3 green lights. This has now stored your fingerprint as a primary fingerprint. Close the padlock and test that your fingerprint works. 

The below video also shows you that method and how to add 8 additional fingerprints.

The lock does also allow you to delete additional fingerprints and this is done by holding your finger on the sensor to unlock once unlocked press the down button till the purple light and release then press the right directional button until the LED flashes red and green and all additional fingerprints are deleted. 

My issue with this you can only delete all the additional fingerprints you cant select which fingerprint you want to use. Maybe Masterlock could have used an app to store the fingerprints in this lock so you can know which family member is which fingerprint so you could delete a said person but keep the others. 

You can also charge the preset code if you wish but in this review, I did not feel the need to do this. However, it is a very simple process to do.    

You will have noticed this lock runs on a battery and will indicate when the battery is running down by displaying a yellow LED. In terms of replacing the battery make sure you unlock the padlock first. Then remove the weather cover at the base and turn the screw with a coin to release the battery cover. To remove the battery gently pull the rubber sides and that will allow you to replace the battery. The battery is D sized battery and then just rewind the process to lock the plate and put the weather cover back on and it will work fine. 

If your unlucky to have missed the yellow warning light you can jump it with a 9V square battery at the base of the lock. Keep the battery in place and it will allow you to use the biometric sensor to unlock the padlock and then you can then replace the battery. 


Masterlock has taken an average padlock and brought it to the 21st century they have added the fingerprint scanner and the direction panel allowing you to use the code to unlock the padlock and remove the need for a key and the risk of losing that key. 

Masterlock Outdoor Biometric Security Lock Review

This lock offers a 10 out of 12 rating due to the baron alloy material that offers that maximum protection. This lock is ideal for outdoor use and can be used on a shed, garage or even as part of a bike lock. 


Set up was very easy my only issue with this lock came when deleting additional fingerprints it only allows you to remove all the additional fingerprints stored which can be a little annoying it would have been nice to have been able to decide which fingerprint you could remove but it is only a small issue.  


I found adding biometric security takes your security measures to the next level and unlocking the padlock can be done in seconds with your fingerprint. So now even your garage padlock can be smart. 


Cost-wise at £129 with a 2 year warranty, it’s an expensive lock but can you really put a price on the protection of your possessions? 

Product Rating:             

Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars  


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