With many of us having to work from home for the last 12 months. Having video conferences via Microsoft Teams or Zoom has become the norm. So in this review, we were sent the NexVoo Nexpad Pro T530. This is ideal if you want to take conference calls without using your Laptop or Phone maybe even set this up in the conservatory to take a video call in a change of scenery. 

On first impressions, it looks like a smaller version of a Lenovo Smart Display and just like the Lenovo it needs a constant supply of electricity to charge. I know what you’re thinking. 

Who is Nexvoo?

Nexvoo is a brand that originates in Indianapolis, USA as well as having an EU based in holland. They mainly create UC terminals and devices for the healthcare industry.

Recently Nexvoo started using Qualcomm chipsets with Google certification in the devices for the healthcare industry. This has evolved to the point where they have produced the Nexpad Pro T530 which offers its users video conferencing ability as well as a camera for taking selfie shots. 


The NexPad Pro T530 costs $399 available directly from the Nexvoo website and unfortunately it’s not available on Amazon.  

The T530 is designed to be placed on that makeshift office desk we all have due to the fact we are working from home. It does allow you to take this into the office when we can and comes with a security slot that allows you to buy a Kensington Lock to lock it to the furniture to prevent theft. 

The T530 has a plastic back with a triangle-shaped back that allows you to place it in landscape orientation and on the right side of the device you have the speaker with two built-in mics. 

On the side of that, you also have two rubber feet which allow you to use the device in portrait orientation.  Also on the back of the device is an ethernet port if you want to use the device in a wired connection. You can also connect it wirelessly via a Wi-Fi connection. Finally, the T530 comes with a 2A power pack that comes with interchangeable plug points but we never got a UK port. This was not a massive issue as I have a travel adapter I can use. 

On the front of the T530 comes with an 8-inch multi-touch retina Full HD screen that has an 800 megapixel, 1920 x 1200 resolution display. It also comes with an HD camera lens on the front used for the video conferencing and uses 4K video perfect for any of the video conferencing apps we all use.

If you want a larger display you can use the HDMI included and link it to a TV for that larger display. Also on the display, you will notice 3 touch screen buttons that control the volume and also allows you to mute the built-in mics which is located on the bottom right of the display. 

Last but not least you will notice you don’t have many physical buttons on the T530 you only have a power button located on the left side of the device and also you will notice a camera lens slider to offer that level of privacy when required. 

Moving to the inside of this device what makes it work and you will see on the spec of the device is run using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 combined with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. This is not a massive amount when you consider the pre-installed applications. 

Speaking of Pre-Installed applications this device runs on Android 10 allowing you to use all compatible apps as it has Google Play store pre-installed so downloading Zoom or Microsoft Teams can be downloaded.

Moving to the camera on the T530 it only has 1 lens and that is a forward-facing camera and uses the same sensor you will find in a Sony IMX219. As mentioned the T530 can be used in either Landscape or Portrait mode and the position of the camera offers a good view considering you get a 78-degree field of view using an ultra HD camera. Just be careful of the position of the device as the camera could be showing the ceiling instead of you directly. In testing, I never found this an issue but it’s something to consider. 

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Using this device over a two week period and I wish I could tell you I was impressed but the truth is this device is a little lacklustre. Yes, it gives you an option instead of a Desktop or even a phone if you wanted a bigger display but when you run some performance tests such as Geekbench you will notice it has scored at the bottom of our testing. This device is good to check your emails, make a zoom call but anything more and it struggles to perform. 

There was something I did like about the T530 was the fact it did sound really good when your having a conference call as the echo cancellation and noise shielding which means you automatically remove some interfering background noise which was handy when my niece and nephew were in the house over the Easter holidays and this device removed any unwanted noise when I called the office. 

However, apart from the echo cancellation and noise suppression, it does make me question the need to invest such a lot of money in this device. I just feel it’s a little basic compared to other options available. I use a Chromebook that can do anything I want and it costs less than the Nexpad T530. I also feel buying a tablet-like an Apple IPad will also perform better and for less of an investment. 


Nexvoo has created something that could solve a short term issue if you have to work from home, need to make a lot of zoom calls and want to use it for your emails. Then it’s not a bad idea. 

The issue with this device is if you wanted to do something a little more technical over the basic use it becomes a little limited device.  I also found it’s also limited compared to a table or a Chromebook due to the fact the Nexpad T530 needs to be plugged into the wall where the other options allow you to use your device anywhere. 

The T530 is also limited in regards to storage at only 32GB it would have been nice to have had an option for a MicroSD card slot for that extra storage option.  

I felt the price point for the NexPad T530 considering what it can do and comparing it to other products on the market it feels like it’s £200 too expensive. If you want something that does actually look cool and can do the basics it was designed to do such as conference calls in 4K its a great device but if your thinking of using this device instead of your desktop/laptop or even work phone its fine but the more complicated the task quickly you will notice this device won’t be able to handle it. 

Nice try but my advice just go buy a tablet with more ability and it will make less of a dent into your wallet. 

Product Rating:             

Design: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars  

Features: 3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Performance: 2.0 out of 5.0 stars

Value For Money: 2.0 out of 5.0 stars    

Overall Rating: 2.7 out of 5.0 stars – 2.75 Stars 

The NexPad T530 Conference Tablet is available for $399 from the Nexvoo website.       

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