Skullcandy is a brand we have covered quite a lot in recent times and the latest audio treat we been sent to review is the Skullcandy Dime which is a budget-friendly pair of true wireless earbuds costing £29.99 

Skullcandy Dime Review

I know what your thinking surely for under £30 these are going to sound horrible and be uncomfortable in your ears after a long period of use… Wrong!


The Skullcandy Dime are actually a very comfy little pair of true wireless headphones that I would have no issues using as my everyday pair if a budget was a major consideration.  

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The Skullcandy Dime come in 4 different colours which are: 

  • Dark Blue/Green
  • Light Grey/Blue
  • Grey
  • Black

In this review, we were sent the black pair to review and you can notice that Skullcandy has to make a few compromises to offer this budget-friendly offering. Such as they have made these very small they are the same size as my car key when in charge case. 

Skullcandy Dime Review

Other Compromises include the use of plastic something you find is commonly used in budget earbuds. You also don’t get many accessories with these earbuds you get 2 pairs of eartips (S & L sizes) and it also comes with a Micro-USB charging cable instead of the more commonly used USB-C.  

Skullcandy Dime Review

The earbuds come in a simple and compact designed case that has two cut-outs so you can see the buds charging in the case. On the back of the charging case, you have a small LED that will indicate when the buds are on charge or when it needs recharging. Also on the back of the case is that Micro-USB charging port.  

Skullcandy Dime Review

As you expect considering the price you do not have wireless charging or Active noise cancellation. However, it’s not all bad as the buds offer a good fit due to the ridges that aid the fit and offer passive noise cancellation meaning unwanted outside noise is reduced. Also when working out the buds do not fall out even when you’re breaking a sweat and with the IPX4 rating, they are water/sweatproof.


The buds come with small steam and very subtle branding with just the Skullcandy logo on the outer panels of the earpieces.

Skullcandy Dime Review

It’s that logo that is where the on-ear controls are when you press the skull logo. The controls include: 

  • Power on or off- two-second hold
  • Play/Pause – a single press
  • Volume decrease- double tap on the left bud
  • Volume Increase – double tap on the right bud
  • Track forward – Hold right bud for 1 second 
  • Skip Back a Track  – Hold left bud for 1 second
  • Activate Voice Assistant- Triple tap either bud 
  • Answer or End call -Single tap either bud. 


As with these touch control style buds, it will take some time to get used to the controls and the first few attempts you will misfire and pick a control you did not want this is due to the fact the skull logo is out of sight when the buds are one. 


The Skullcandy Dime come with Bluetooth 5.0 but what you don’t have is the chance to use the Skullcandy App meaning you cant adjust the EQ. However, What you do have with these buds is auto switch on/off so if you take out a bud to speak to someone the music will stop until you replace the bud in your ear. 

Battery Life


The Battery life as you might expect is not massive and with only 12 hours in total which is broken down as 3.5 hours in the buds and 8.5 hours stored in the charging case. It’s not a lot of power compared to others in the market but if you’re just using these for the daily commute to work or when in the gym for £29.99 you can’t complain. 

Audio Quality 

Surprisingly the Skullcandy Dime did not cut corners on the audio and they offer a rich sound with respectable highs and lows. The bass offers a deep yet punchy sound without it being overpowering. I found when listening to Alice Merton No Roots most of the details came thou but did notice at points the vocals do overpower the instrumentals. 

Skullcandy Dime Review

You will notice if you max the volume the sound will distort but to get these bud performing at their best keep the volume at 75% max. When listening to music or podcasts or even watching a movie I was happy with the sound quality they are decent considering the cost. 

You can also use these earbuds for receiving or making calls and the quality was decent offering clear speech I was told at the time they felt I sound like I was fair away but overall the quality worked well.  


Skullcandy Dime Review

The Skullcandy Dime True Wireless are the cheapest pair of earphones we have reviewed at £29.99 and if you can look past the cheap-looking plastic charging case these buds offer a powerful, balanced sound signature. The controls are quite simple to use once you get used to them. The design is quite basic but if you’re looking for a cheap pair of earbuds that sound good but don’t cost the world they are a nice little option.   


Product Rating:             

Design: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars   

Features: 3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Audio Quality: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Value For Money: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars     


Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars   

The Skullcandy Dime True Wireless Available for £29.99 available from the Skullcandy website.

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