Remember when you were little and you had the snap bands that had designs on and you thought you were in the cool gang if you had one ( Just me then).  Well on a recent scroll on Instagram I came across SnapWatch Ltd who has taken that idea and brought it to the 21st century.


They have designed what they now call the SnapWatch which still wraps around the wrist like the original idea but is made from more durable material and now also comes with a digital watch with both 12 hour and 24-hour display that can be switched between both with ease. 


The Snapwatch comes in 6 different designs for £14.99 meaning they are perfectly affordable for the kids in your life. 



Who Are SnapWatch Ltd? 


So Snapwatch Ltd are a UK based company created in 1999 and the SnapWatch is a wearable made for young children but some adults could also wear this watch as well, as you can see in the video below.  SnapWatch Ltd is currently selling these watches in the UK & Europe with plans to sell in Asia & The US in the near future.  




The SnapWatch comes in 6 different designs offering something for both boys and girls and in this review we got sent the Icy black version. 


The main functionality of the SnapWatch is offering young children how to tell the time and this is done by using a large display that shows the hour first with the minutes below. As your child learns the time you can add the date into the mix and then move to a 24-hour clock once they master the 12-hour clock. 



The SnapWatch is made of integrated components to allow the band to bend and roll around the arm and its bi-stable arrangement allows you to view the band straight or wrapped around the arm. The watch is constructed from a silicone material on the outside and inside you have a stable metal band. When you slap the band on your arm and it wraps around your arm you hear a snap hence the name. 


The band is the following size 185 x 25 x 8mm and the large display is 55mm which is where it displayed the time and date. In between that area is the rest of the band that folds around the arm. At on end of the band, there is a small area plastic area that holds the CR2032 battery that can be replaced normally after a 2 year period.  This end of the watch also comes with the SnapWatch logo and two buttons that allow you to adjust the time and date.    

How do you use the SnapWatch? 

Simply snap the watch on your arm and it will metamorphosis into what looks like a watch it wraps around your child’s wrist. To power up the watch simply press the left button for a few seconds.  Setting the time was a fairly simple task you simply use the two buttons to adjust the hour and minutes and the same is done for the date. 


When not in use it’s just a matter of straightening the band out ready to use again, you will have to add a slight amount of pressure to bring the band back to its normal shape. The SnapWatch is splashproof and shockproof and even the band is recyclable. 

Why Buy a SnapWatch?

There are two main reasons why you would buy a SnapWatch to feel cool around your friends if your friends happen to be 4 years old. The other reason and I would say the more important reason is to teach your children how to tell the time which will, in turn, improve there basic mathematical skills plus its a requirement your child knows how to tell the time and are able to covert between 12 and 24-hour clocks for any child in KS2 (7-11 years old) 


The SnapWatch is a very basic design and as mentioned you have 6 designs that have prints of dragons, Unicorns and Astronauts as well as a black or purple design.  If you looking to get your child their first watch then the SnapWatch is a great product. 


Product Rating:    

Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars   

The SnapWatch is available from for £14.99    

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