VIDLOK is a rapidly growing Shanghai company that is bent on manufacturing innovative and high-quality items. There are a few products from this brand which include the Vidlok selfie ring light that is an ideal tool for live broadcasting, the Vidlok 1080P W77 webcam, and more products designed to assist in our daily lives.

This company came into existence sometime in the year 2017 through LONGCHEER Technology. Gradually Vidlok is getting famous and expanding as a result of their durable products. Furthermore, the company deals mostly in visual electronics products that comprise webcams, circle view cameras, stream cams, conference cameras, and so on.

Currently, this company has made and introduced the new Vidlok W90 Pro auto webcam that has a high-speed precision focusing. The webcam is more convenient for video chats, live streaming, e-learning, and remote working. Interestingly, the Vidlok W90 Pro facilitates your online video meetings and it also accomplishes your distance learning gestures for an easy and convenient learning environment. However, this webcam from Vidlok offers users a clearer HD 1080P video quality for a better user experience.

Selling Points:

  • It supports multiple software, applications, and system.
  • It features an artificial intelligence noise reduction technology.
  • It has a sharp and fast responding autofocus feature.
  • It has Full HD 1080P.
  • it has a multi-functional bracket.
  • It features an active in-built mic.
  • It supports automatic configuration (plug and Play).
  • It is an ideal tool for video calls and so on.


Fortunately like other webcams of this grade, Vidlok W90 Pro features a stylishly built-in speaker and an artificial intelligence noise reduction technology. The embedded noise reduction feature helps in eliminating the unnecessary frequency of environmental noise for smooth and clearer communication. Still talking about the embedded features on this webcam from Vidlok. The W90 Pro webcam adopts advanced compression, light correction, and fast transmitting technology. Obviously, as it is a 1080P certified webcam, you enjoy brighter and clearer videos than the regular 720P webcams in the market.

In terms of compatibility, it will interest you to know the Vidlok W90 Pro supports a variety of software, system, and applications respectively. Some software and applications that are supported on this webcam include Skype, Zoom, Webex, DingDing, Vidyo, Gotomeeting, Broadsoft, Google hangout, and a lot more. If you wish to avoid producing an image or images that stutter and subsequently freezes on screen, then you need to get your hands on the Vidlok W90 Pro auto webcam. Nevertheless, the field of view (FOV) is 90 degrees so the user can enjoy the privilege of having a wider view.


How to get the Vidlok W90 Pro auto webcam:

The Vidlok W90 Pro auto webcam can be gotten directly from the Distributors and Suppliers 


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