Why purchase the Twelve South AirSnap Pro case?

So, you have just purchased your Apple AirPod Pro’s for £249 and naturally want to protect them. Twelve South have a solution: the AirSnap Pro Leather case. If you’re anything like me, then you will either not use your expensive product for a few days or you will wrap it up like a baby until they can fend for themselves and can deal with a few cuts and bruises, by which time…you’re probably past caring (as much, obviously).

Twelve South AirSnap Pro

Twelve South AirSnap Pro

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The AirSnap Pro design

The AirSnap Pro is quite simply a beautifully made case, but more importantly it has been designed for function too. AirSnap allows you to place your AirPod Pro’s into the case whilst still having the ability to plug your charger in too. For those of you that are fond of leather, you will not be disappointed with this product. The quality hasn’t been spared and the stitching and cuts are really nice, with the simple touch of the Twelve South logo pressed into the button of the case.

Twelve South AirSnap Pro

Premium design with details to match, Twelve South AirSnap Pro

It also comes with a convenient S-Clip which gives you the option of attaching the case onto a backpack, bag or even just clip it onto your jeans. Lastly, it also includes a wrist strap if you prefer this as an option. So all in all, a solution for everyone.

One thing I found great was the microfibre lining, to give you that added extra and no worry of your AirPod case getting scratched; it’s the little things that really do count.

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Key Features of the AirSnap:

  • Leather case to protect AirPods Pro + Charging Case
  • Included S-clip to attach AirSnap to a purse, keys or gym pass
  • Charge AirPods Pro in-case via Lightning or wirelessly
  • Nylon wristlet included for additional way to carry

“In your pocket, on your bag or on your wrist”.

Charging the AirSnap Pro

Whilst you can charge your AirPod Pro’s plugged in, the case has been designed with leather that is thin enough to also use a QI Certified wireless charger. This means that you have the convenience of just placing the whole case onto it without worry, and is another sign of a well thought out product (as with all of the Twelve South range).

Final Thoughts on the AirSnap?

What more can you say about this product? It definitely provides function as well as form. It is available in Slate Blue and Black, as well as the classy Cognac that we had to check out. If you like a little bit more class when protecting your already expensive headphones, then go ahead, just spend another £34.99 and be even more classy whilst protecting the case that protects your headphones. It really is worth it, trust me.

Twelve South AirSnap Pro

Slate Blue

Twelve South AirSnap Pro



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Where To Buy?

Available online currently: Currys, Very and Amazon (Link below) at £34.99

Next up from Twelve South we will be looking at the AirFly Pro, ParcSlope and PowerPic. Be sure to follow us on our Social Media platforms for updates.

Product Rating: 

Design: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars    

Features: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars 

Value for Money: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars  

Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars – 5.0 Stars


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