In this latest review, we look at the Twelve South Forte the first Apple Magsafe charging stand that can be used for both your iPhone and also your Qi-compatible earbuds like the Apple Airpods.

If you are an avid Twelve South fan you might be thinking you have heard of the Forte before and you won’t be wrong it was the name used for their last high-end charger that was exclusive to Apple.

Who is Twelve South?

Twelve South, established in 2009, design and produce products exclusively for Apple products. Their commitment is to design solutions that are as innovative as Apple themselves.

I have personally been following the brand for a while now, and I would say that within the last year or so, they have slowly made their way up the list of desirable solutions on my “Wish List”. Why? Because their marketing has been very consistent and to be honest, they’re doing a great job at solving those annoying office setup issues and also, more importantly, providing some great ergonomic products that seriously improve and maintain your mind and body.

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The Twelve South Forte comes with quite a minimalistic design it comes with an all-white exterior that has a weighted base to keep the charger in place and stops the phone from making the stand fall over. You also have 4 silicone feet to keep the charger on your desk securely.

The mount is made of lightweight plastic and comes with a swivelling top ideal for when you want to charge the AirPods. There is a small bit of assembly required but it also won’t take too long to set up. Basically, you just need to insert the mount into a square hole at the back of the base and screw tightly.

Next once assembled you need to insert your own Magsafe charging puck. It will fit at the top of the stand and allow for the cable to wrap around the back of the stand and sit on the neck of the stand. ( Make sure you leave some cable so you can swivel the charging puck)

Twelve South Forte

You may notice a silicone ring around the inside of the mount that just holds the MagSafe puck in place it can be removed if you decide to do so. A slight negative with this stand is the fact the cable is not very well hidden you have to leave some extra slack so you can swivel the charging puck and that just makes it look slightly untidy at times.

Overall the design on this stand is great it won’t take much room on your desk, allows you to pivot so you could actually use your phone for a Zoom call while on charge or simply catch up on your latest show. The Pivot is also excellent and can be tilted flat when charging your AirPods.



I have used this stand with my iPhone 12 and felt it was well balanced without the risk of the stand falling over once I placed my iPhone on it. I was impressed that this charging stand has more than one use as you can tilt the charging puck so it’s flat and you can charge your Airpods or any other pair of Qi-enabled earbuds such as my Jabra Elite 85t. The surface of the charging puck is a grippy design meaning when you have the earbuds charging they won’t slip off.

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Twelve South are a brand that really does cover all bases when it comes to mobile accessories and the Twelve South Forte is no different. This stand is ideal for the home office or even when you return to your normal office it won’t take much room on your desk and if you need to take the charging Puck if going on holiday then it’s very adjustable making it easy to disconnect if required.

The Tilting action really does make this stand out from the competition as some stands you might come across are very rigid and have a fixed angle. So the Forte is ideal when you want to take that conference call or just turn the phone horizontal and just watch a film.  The Tilting option also allows you to charge your Qi-enabled buds meaning I don’t have to have multiple charging options on the desk.

Cost wise the Twelve South Forte comes in at £39.99 and is an Apple exclusive product but Twelve South also allow you to buy from their website. So if your looking for a handy way to charge your iPhone when using Magsafe the Forte is a great idea. I would have given this a solid 5-star review had it not been for the charging puck cable positioning. I understand you need to leave a little slack for when you tilt but when the stand is not in the tilt position the cable looks a little untidy.

If you can look past that negative you will find this to be a very useful accessory for everyday use.

Product Rating:

  • Design: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Setup & Performance: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Value for Money : 5.0 out of 5.0 stars            

Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 stars 4.75 Stars

The Twelve South Forte is available from for £39.95

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