In a heavily saturated market when looking for a wireless charger welcome the all-new Xtorm 3-in-1 wireless charging unit is one of the latest units to come from Xtorm Power Stream Series, Xtorm is one of the market leaders in providing power banks for all weather’s and all situation known.
Xtorm 3 in 1 Wireless Charger
This charger is one of the latest to come from their brand and will charge your Apple iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple Air pods all in one go with its fast-charging capabilities. You will be fully charged and ready to go in no time at all.
Dimensions for this unit are 13.2 x 8 x 16.9 cm so it won’t take up any space, The Weight of this is quite lightweight at just 218g so again easy to move around. The output is 2x Wireless QI modules and 1x Apple Watch Module offering 7.5w wireless charging
In the box, you get the charging base itself and a fast-charging USB-C cable, you will just need to plug this into a USB plug or plug socket with a USB port.
The unit its self is well designed with the phone sitting slightly back so when it’s on your desk you will have a good vision of your phone screen and also with the resting position of the Apple watch charging unit you will again have a great visual display of your watch screen. with your Apple Airpods nestled just above.
The unit its self takes up very little space with its well-rounded design and beautiful looks and a little green LED light when your phone is on the base, this will sit nicely on any surface in any setting.
I have been mainly using this on my kitchen work surface as it sits nicely on the counter in a less clustered area and is easy just to pick up my phone with no wire that I have to keep taking out and plugging back in and keeps my phone fully charged throughout the day, also at night time I just simply unplug this, take it to my bedroom and pop it on my bedside cabinet and leave my phone sitting in the cradle overnight.
Even when I went away on holiday this sat nicely in the hotel room keeping my phone charged with no fiddly wires to contend with, with my phone slightly set back at an angle. It was still easy enough to use without having to remove my phone from the charging pod and use all the features of the phone whilst it’s still charging, using the Facetime feature is a breeze again with its set back angle also reduces any screen glare.
The question is would I buy this, simple answer is yes, I would, it looks good, it charges nice and fast and easy to move around the house with minimum effort.
The Xtrom 3 in 1 wireless charging base is available to buy direct from  Priced at € 69,95  which is a little on the pricey side compared to other bases available on sites such as Amazon BUT Xtorm is an industry leader in power banks and charging units and your paying for quality.

Product Rating:

Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars   


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