1More is an audio brand I have loved since I discovered them about 2 years ago and they continue to impress me launch after launch. The latest product is the ComfoBuds 2 which is an upgrade on the original Comfobuds that landed last year. 

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The 1More Comfobuds 2 costs £59.99 and continues with the same style and design features but they have added a few features just to improve on what was a great alternative to the Apple Airpods. They have made changes to the eartips with the introduction of a softer silicone which in turn provides a better fit and also adds on that passive isolation which gives you an enhanced listening experience.

1More ComfoBuds 2

Other improvements include Bluetooth 5.2, low latency gaming mode, dual-mic call noise reduction, 24-hour battery, fast charging and they are now IPX5 rated meaning they are perfect when you go out for a run or you hit the gym and may sweat a lot. So let’s take a closer look.

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1More are a brand that likes to give you an experience when you buy their products but with the more budget-friendly products, they adopt more of a classic design. 

The box promotes all the key features of the buds which is handy the see. Inside the box, you have the buds inside that charging case, USB-A to USB-C charging case, product manual, warranty card, a variety of different sized eartips and that 1More sticker.

1More ComfoBuds 2


The 1More comfobuds 2 continue to use that oval-shaped charging case that they did with the previous model and offer 2 different colour options black or white. In this review, we had the black pair. 

In terms of the overall design of the case, you have the 1More logo at the top of the case. You have a LED light indicator to indicate when the buds are charging and a USB-C charging port on the rear of the case. 

1More ComfoBuds 2

Open the case and the bud layout is the same as the previous model which allows the two ends of the buds to protrude from a higher position in the case which makes taking the buds out easier. Also in the case is a function button if you need to reset the pairing mode of the buds.

1More ComfoBuds 2

Moving on to the appearance of the earbuds and they look like water droplets and have a similar design to that of the Apple Airpods. You may notice there is a strip microphone opening on the outside of the bud this helps with making calls. Inside the bud, you will also see a red net this prevents anything from getting stuck inside the bud. Finally, you will see the 1More logo which has been positioned on purpose as it’s the same place you need to tap for the touch controls.

Moving onto the earbuds they have that waterdrop shape with a small metal contact so they can magnetically stay in the charging case. The bud also comes with a small pressure relief hole which provides a balance to the earphone adding to the comfort.

1More ComfoBuds 2 Overall if you had a pair of the original comfobuds the design looks nearly identical however look closely and you will see the small changes such as the improved silicone material to achieve in-ear comfort at the same time creating an air-tightness to prevent the bass from escaping. 

Finally, the weight of these buds are very lightweight at only 4.3g per bud and the complete weight of the buds and charging case is only 35g in total.


The standout feature when using the Comfobuds 2 has to be that hall-sensing solution that will automatically turn the buds on/off by sensing the switch status of the charging case. 

How does it work? 

Well once you open the charging case the buds will automatically turn on and enter the pairing state. Once paired unless you want to use them on a different device they will automatically pair to your device. If you did want to add a new device a long press of the function key will allow you to go back into a pairing state just like when you first bought the buds.  

What I also love about these buds is they also have in-ear detection that auto pauses your music meaning if you remove one of the buds while listening to music the music will be automatically paused. Then as long as you replace the bud within 60 seconds the audio will resume. This is ideal for when you bump into a friend or need to hear an announcement at a hospital.

Moving to the controls they are touch controls and from a single tap to a triple tap it supports the following controls which can all be customised by the 1More Music App: 

  • Play/Pause
  • Track Control
  • Volume control
  • Smart Assistant

1More ComfoBuds 2

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Audio Quality

Inside the ComfoBuds 2, they are equipped with a large dynamic 13.4mm driver in each bud using a liquid crystal polymer and PU composite diaphragm material that support an AAC codec.

The unique design offers a low-frequency effect as well as a high-definition Bluetooth format that reduces the loss in the audio transmission process. It’s hardly surprising the audio quality is excellent in these as they have been tuned by award-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi. 

If you access the 1More music app it offers 12 preset sound effects such as some of the following: 

  • Bass enhancement
  • Bass reduction
  • Classical
  • Electronic Music
  • Hip-hop
  • Pop
  • Vocal enhancement

When picking one of the presets they will provide a personalized audio expression that can also be customized via the app. Out of the 12 equalizers available on the app, I found the acoustic to be the best as it tweaks and balances the mid-tones a bit which is better when those who want to chill out at the end of a hard day with some classical music. 

1More ComfoBuds 2

Don’t get me wrong the equalizers won’t completely change the sound but the small tweaks to the standard offering give you a nice option to find the right sound for you. The app also offers sleep-aid audio to help those who need a little extra help sleeping. 

The buds also have a voice call function for making calls as they come with two built-in microphones that help with the noise reduction technology and this results in your voice being intelligently enhanced which provides crystal clear vocals when on a call. 

The ComfoBuds 2 are also useful for those who enjoy mobile gaming these buds offer excellent delay performance which can be improved further via the app which produces low latency to a level of 90ms. This provided improved audio quality when gaming.

Finally, when listening to a wide range of music over the last few weeks I have reviewed these. I found 1More put most of the effort into the mids and highs. The vocals sound really clear with lots of detail. When listening to something like Prince Purple rain the instruments get so much room. This allows for more emphasis on the treble. 

Moving to the mid-bass 1More has also mastered this as they give you just the right amount of bass which offers plenty of energy depending on the track. I found it did not overpower other frequencies. What you get is a clean and gentle bass. 

I also found you got a nice level of detail from both buds and this provides a wide soundstage that also gives you good separation between the layers and instrumental.

Battery Life

1More has made improvements on the previous model with the ComfoBuds 2 when it comes to battery life they have increased to 43mAh which gives you 8 hours of playback in the buds and the case has also been increased to 16 hours which offer a total battery of 24 hours.

Unfortunately, the buds don’t allow for wireless charging but what you do get is fast charging function which for a 15 min charge will give you 3 hours of battery life. This really does help you get out of a low battery issue.


The 1More ComfoBuds 2 keeps the classic design of the previous model which is the exquisite and compact appearance of the 1st gen model in this new model. The charging case also comes with a great look and feel. The internal structure of the charging cockpit made it easy to take out the buds. 

The design of the earbuds has also improved by using a softer silicone material to add to the comfort. 

Moving to the tech inside the buds we have increased the Bluetooth to the 5.2 version which has a more stable connection. The buds operate on touch operation and support that double-click and triple-click control modes. I also found the buds also supports in-ear detection function which works very well. 

1More ComfoBuds 2

What we all want to know is the audio quality and the large dynamic size and high def Bluetooth format designed by an award-winning engineer who has created a realistic music performance. The inclusion of a dual-microphone unit allows the intelligent call noise reduction that provided a clear voice call effect.

The 12 preset sound effects do offer the listener something a little different and the sleeping melody to help you sleep nice and quickly.  You also get further improvements such as synchronized audio and video and an improved gaming experience. 

Other benefits include the improved battery life as well as the fast charging function that did not appear on the previous model. The buds also offer IPX5 waterproof rating. 

So if you’re looking for budget-friendly earbuds that come with that 1More quality audio you will find it hard to find better at this price point they provide a real alternative to the more expensive Apple Airpods and offer increased comfort as well.

Product Rating:

  • Design: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Features: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Battery Life: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Value for Money : 5.0 out of 5.0 stars           

Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 stars – 4.7 Stars      

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