Accessory brand Joby has launched their JOBR Bum Bags and the new Funky GorillaFeet.

JOBY Bum Bags

JOBYR Bum Bags

JOBY® Bum Bags – Custom-made for today’s vloggers and influencers Get your creative career started with a Bum Bag that’s designed to take your JOBY kit on the move. Designed with feedback from our customers for a tailor-made 3-in-1 carrying solution. Roomy design works with JOBY GorillaPod®, TelePod™ or HandyPod™ .Convertible design that adapts to your needs Enhance your JOBY collection with a JOBY Bum Bag.

This clever 3-in-1 combination of a sling bag and convertible pouch/backpack is just the thing content creators need to carry their equipment. For content creators venturing into the world of online vlogging, a bag that holds all their essential JOBY equipment and still lets them keep their hands free is a must. We worked closely with our users and listened to exactly what they wanted from a Bum Bag. The design we came up with was inspired by real-life users, which is why it’s practical, adaptable, and stylish.

JOBY Funky GorillaFeet

JOBY GorillaPod range

Two new GorillaPod kits bring a world of customizing possibilities to the iconic JOBY GorillaPod range. Interchangeable feet can be swapped for different colours or designs. Fun and functional custom feet for the GorillaPod range. Adaptable designs allow users to use the Grip It, Wrap It, Stand It features Funky feet or trendy trainers? Quazy quacky duck’s feet or practical suction cups? The GorillaPod Custom Kit is now available, letting vloggers and content creators have a little fun while still getting outstanding results from our legendary GorillaPod.

JOBY GorillaPod range

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