The true wireless market is stacked with brands offering something for everyone and now with the gyms back open you might be looking for a pair to entertain you as you try and get rid of that lockdown weight. 

In this review, we will be looking at the Cleer Goal these are designed for exercise in mind either in the gym or when you are off out for that daily run or cycle. The Cleer Goal currently cost £99.99 and available from Amazon. 

Cleer Goal Review

If your looking for a pair of buds not focused on exercise check out our review of the Cleer Ally Plus or continue reading.

Who Are Cleer? 

American brand Cleer originated in San Diego back in 2012 and have years in the audio industry creating products that offer a passion for the ultimate listening experience. They design products that deliver uncompromising performance.


The Cleer Goal are a lightweight pair of true wireless earbuds that weigh 6.5g and also come with a charging case that weighs 50g so both the buds and the case are lightweight. 

Cleer Goal Review

The buds are nice and lightweight and this adds to the overall fit which I have to say are comfy. What you will notice about the design is the inner part of the bud is a lovely Ferrari Red colour and the C-skirt wings are also red. 

Along with the buds, you do also get some accessories such as the charging case that comes with a clear top so you can see the buds inside the case when charging it also has a USB-C port to the rear.

Along with that charging case, you will also get a USB-C charging cable and you also get 3 silicone sleeves with the freebit wings if you need a different size for that better fit. You also get a pair of silicone sleeves without the wings if that is what you wanted.  

Cleer Goal Review

They sit lightly in your ear eliminating the pressure in the ear canal and they do this while offering a firm fit to prevent them from falling out when exercising. They stay in your ears using something called secure twist fit which with a floating freebit C-skirt on the bud you simply insert the earbud and twist to lock in place. They are also water and sweat-resistant due to the fact they are IPX4 rated.

Cleer Goal

The only negative you will notice about these buds is the fact you don’t get ANC or even passive noise cancellation for that fact so you will hear some outside noise, unfortunately, this is due to that open fit design which for when running its handy to have your senses about you. When in the gym and you want to block noise from others around you they are a little bit of a letdown.


The clever goal is touch sensitivity with a large surface on the outer part of the bud which you touch for the controls such as play/pause, track control, volume, call answering and also voice assistant.  The controls are the following: 

  • Play/Pause- Single Tap
  • Next Track – Double-tap
  • Previous track -Triple tap
  • Voice Assistant – Tap & Hold
  • Increase volume – double-tap and hold on the right bud 
  • Decrease volume – double-tap and hold left bud.

When you go to use these the first time they connect to your phone with the help of its Bluetooth 5.0 support and pairing them just like any other pair of buds you connect to your mobile.  They will start to pair automatically when you get them out of the case and then once you pair the first time every other time you go to use them they will automatically connect.

Cleer Goal Review

The Cleer Goal also comes with in-ear detection what this means if you pull one of the buds out of your ear your music will automatically stop. When you place the bud back into your ear the music restarts where you stopped it. 

Battery Life 

The Cleer Goal buds offer you up to 6 hours of battery life which is not bad but when you compare them to the Jabra Elite 85t that only give me 5 hours of battery life. Therefore, Cleer offers an improvement in regards to battery life. However, when you look at other brands in the market you can get longer lasting buds. 

Considering the main use for these are when you’re exercising I feel 6 hours of use with an additional 14 hours in the case which gives you a total of 20 hours will be fine for most users if fitness is the main use.  

Cleer Goal

When you need to charge the case with the buds inside that will take about 2 hours and it’s nice that when the buds get to 10% you get a warning in your ears. 

Audio Quality

The audio quality on the Cleer Goal offers a clear and energetic sound due to the 14mm drivers that offer decent mids and highs that don’t offer that harshness you might experience with other brands when the volume has been increased. 

The lows (Bass) is the issue with these as you don’t have that in-ear seal the sound is thin and the bass is basically non-existent and as you don’t have that seal they let in environmental sounds that may be unwanted. This is ok when running as you may want to hear around you at the same time as listening to “eye of the tiger”  but in some cases, the unwanted noise can overtake the music.  

Cleer Goal

If you were to try and use these on a train on the way home when we get busy trains again. These become pointless as you get too much environmental noise in which makes the overall experience unpleasant. 

I found when I got the best audio was when I was in the gym at 10 pm and there were not many people around. I tested these on a number of different styles of music and when listening to something like “Alice Merton No Roots”. The vocals are prominent without being too harsh. Unfortunately, the bass felt like it was missing. Part of the song has an electric guitar solo and that came out nice and clear but overall the sound did come across a little on the thin side.  

What I did find these earbuds perform very well when listening to podcasts. I listen to the Wrestletalk podcast and was surprised that the cleer goal allowed the podcast to come out nice and clear without any muffled voices. It allowed me to really enjoy my podcast. 

As you might expect with the podcasts performing well taking and receiving phone calls was also a positive experience. Cleer uses echo suppression technology that prevents unwanted noise from sliding into your calls and this allowed the person I spoke to could hear me in a clear and loud manner.  


Would I buy the Cleer Goal true wireless?  Well if you want a second pair of earbuds simply for hitting the gym or when you go running the Cleer Goal does offer a decent option they have an excellent fit with the secure twist fit even with intensive training these will stay in your ears.  

Audio quality is a mixed bag if you don’t mind some outside noise coming into the listening experience due to the lack of in-ear seal you will enjoy the Cleer Goal. They cost £79.99 which is not bad for a second pair of earbuds with the focus on exercising. If you’re looking for a pair to listen to when chilling out at home check out the Cleer Ally Plus for £99.98 via

So to summarise, if your looking for a second pair of earbuds with average sound quality but fit really well and offer excellent sound quality when listening to a podcast while on the treadmill these are a good option under £100. 

Product Rating:             

Design: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars   

Features: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Audio Quality: 3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Value For Money: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars     


Overall Rating: 3.7 out of 5.0 stars 3.7 Stars       

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