Looking for an indoor security camera to give you more coverage at a reasonable price? Well, The D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi DCS-800LH camera could be a solution for you.

This particular model has been around for a while now and you can get the V2 version, but here we have been given the first entry to look at and for under £30, is definitely worth considering.

Who is D-Link?

D-link, originally founded in 1986 as Datex System, Inc. to produce network adapters. The business has now grown into one of the leading companies today in producing award-winning networking products for both commercial and domestic solutions.

Times have moved on since the release of this particular model, hence why we think for the price, it plays nicely into a product you may be looking for to fill a security gap within your business or personal property.

D-Link Website: Take a look at the range here

Value for money

This model was launched at £59.99 but now, can be snapped up for under £30 (currently) on Amazon. Which is great value, for sure.

Design and Features of the D-link HD DCS-8000LH Camera

The D-link DCS-8000LH offers up pretty much everything you need to add security and peace of mind to your setup. It offers a 720p camera with motion and sound detection.

At just 3.6 inches height and 1.6 inches diameter (cylinder shaped) can easily be placed in any room and blend in very easily into the environment.

Your Home, Only Smarter.

Key Features

  • 720p HD video
  • Cloud Recording
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT
  • Motion & Sound Detection
  • Day & Night mode (up to 5 metres)
  • Remote Access via the MyDlink App

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So, again, for under £30 it’s not bad right? You can check out the newer version here, if you really want improved specs at the increase price.

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The Unboxing and Setup – DCS-8000LH

Back to this version…

With the in-built IR LED, it will comfortably give you a decent range of night vision video (Black & White) and you also have a built-in microphone too.

In the box you get a mounting bracket to allow you to fix high up on the wall if you prefer which is great if you want or need full coverage of a particular room/area giving you a 120-degree viewing angle with a x4 pinch-to-zoom option too

Setting the camera up is really simple and straightforward, simply download the MyDlink app onto your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi or you also have the option of setting it up via Bluetooth.

Unboxing D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera

Unboxing the D-Link DCS-8000LH Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera

My D-link Setup Experience

After downloading the MyDlink app, the process of setting up the camera was completed and connected within 5 minutes. After this, I spent a further 5 to 10 minutes fine tuning the settings to personalise my preferences.

Do it all with the mydlink™ app.

The MyDlink App

The app is intuitive, and I would be very confident if my parents were to set it up themselves, the quickstart QR code process is simple and passed the test.

The UI (user interface) is really clean and simple to navigate, you can set various features such as Scenes and Schedules to suit or integrate with an existing smarthome setup or simply start one from scratch if you wish to.

Smarthome assistant setup is managed via the “3rd Party Integration” menu where you’re able to connect via Alexa or Google Assistant.

So, if you already have a smart eco-system or just getting started, then you don’t need to worry. Setting this up alongside the MyDlink app gives you plenty of features to control your indoor camera, and other D-Link products you may already have or looking to get.

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Unboxing D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera

Setting up the D-Link DCS-8000LH via the MyDink App

The MyDlink app like many others, will list all of the compatible devices you have, making it easy to manage across the board.

Negative setup

One issue I came across (so far) is the firmware, the app notified me twice of an update that was available but yet I was unable to toggle the option to “auto-update” nor could I find a simple “update now” option, I literally tried everything from force closing the app and tapping on the actual notification in the hope that it would do it for me, bizarre. If this changes or I find a solution, I will update this review.

MyDink – Notifications

Agreeing to a 1-year FREE subscription, which gives you 1 day cloud recording and 50 pinned clips with a maximum of 3 connected cameras. This then allows you to configure the motion detection area which again, is really simple.

The motion detection works really well, pings up on your phone and allows you to view straightaway. You get a nice timeline within the “Event & Video” section, it is clean and gives you the location (of the camera), time and a direct click into the motion clip.

Unboxing D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera

Notification from the D-Link “MyDink” app – DCS-8000LH Mini HD Camera

A great way to truly to create a connected home for example, setting up automations alongside your existing platforms, allowing you to turn lights on when motion or sounds are detected within the area, this will give you peace of mind if you’re out and about.

Final Thoughts?

Considering there is already a new version of this particular model, clearly you need to understand that you will not get the latest and greatest features and specifications available, BUT, as I have stated already…for under £30 you cannot go wrong.

Here I have set the camera up at my parents’ house, meaning that I have a simple and cheap solution just to make sure there’s a connection to the property and I can check in and make sure everything is ok.

If you’re looking for crisp video footage by today’s standards of 1080, 2k or 4k footage and above, then simply this product is not for you. If you just need visibility and access remotely to a certain room, office or maybe just to check-in on your pets or parents (like me) to see if they’re ok? Then yes, I think this does the job perfectly.

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Design: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Features: 3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Value for Money: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Overall Rating: 3.6 out of 5.0 stars – 3.6 Stars

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