With the current lockdown now easing and the fact more of us will be going on a staycation so more of us will be driving in our cars. So having a dashcam can be a real lifesaver I know this for a fact with a driver who pulled out on me a few weeks back and instantly tried to blame me for his poor driving. Had it not been for the dashcam installed in my car it could have cost me a lot of money. 


So having a dashcam can really provide protection and prove its weight in gold when called upon. They even offer protection when your parked got a rear camera in your dashcam kit and depending on the model they will even record the footage if something hits you while parked. 


In this review, we are turning our attention to the FineVU GX30 Dashcam that on first impressions is the most packed feature-wise dashcam we have ever reviewed and I have reviewed devices from Nextbase & Thinkware.  The GX30 is currently available for $280 via Amazon.com (They will ship to the UK).


Who is FineVU? 


FineVU is also known as FineDigital and is one of the leading providers of car electronic systems in Korea since 1992. They are known for creating GPS navigation and dashboard camera. They are a brand with real global aspirations so keep an eye out for them here a link to their website.  

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The FineVU GX30 is a front and rear dash camera that will provide you with full coverage all-around your car which makes it perfect for recording the errors that drivers make not only ahead of you but also from behind.  The GX-30 offers a great clear image for when driving both during the day and also at night.


As mentioned the GX30 comes with both the front and back cameras with the front camera rectangular in shape and that you will mount just towards the top of the windscreen just behind the rearview mirror.

FineVU GX-30 Dash Cam Review

Both the front and back cameras are made of the same material which is ABS plastic and both only come in the colour black. It’s quite a simple design it has a flexible mounting bracket and it’s only the lens that you have a silver frame around it. Controls you have the Wi-Fi button that also has a LED, Manual recording button with red LED, Volume/Voice recording button. You also have a built-in microphone just to the side of the controls. Above that you have GPS LED to indicate that is on. Above that rear camera port, DC port and Wi-Fi USB dongle.

FineVU GX-30 Dash Cam Review

FineVU GX-30 Dash Cam Review

FineVU GX-30 Dash Cam Review

The dimensions of the front camera are 78.5 x65 x52mm weighing 116g  & The dimensions of the rear camera are 53.4 x29 x 42.3mm weighing in at 26g.


If you have a Nextbase dashcam like the 622GW you will notice something missing on the FineVU GX-30 is you have no display. So to review footage just like the Thinkware F200 Pro you need to download the FineVu smartphone App which is available for both IOS or Android devices. The lack of display might bother some people but I did not feel it was a dealbreaker as using the app is not challenging. Plus the lack of display allows the design to be more slimline. 


Moving to the rear camera and as mentioned it’s made of the same material as the front camera but a fraction of the size and its cylindrical design allows you to rotate the camera so you have the perfect angle and it’s mounted using the adhesive pad that comes in the box.


Also in the box, you get the following: 

  • 1x GX30 Dashcam 
  • 1x Rear Camera
  • 1x 32GB Samsung Pro Miro SD Card
  • 1x Adapter
  • 1x Power cable for the rear camera
  •  1x Hardwire power cable.
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Hardwireing Harness

FineVU GX-30 Dash Cam Review


 Setting up the GX30 requires the cameras to be professionally set up and hardwired as the camera won’t work properly by simply plugging into a cigarette lighter. I took my camera set up to my local car audio store and they fitted it in no time. You are welcome to try to install it yourself but I felt getting it professionally installed was the best idea as they will make all the wires disappear. 

You will notice the rear camera will have the cable hidden into the interior trim leading to the front camera as they need to be connected. 

If you do decide to try and install it yourself you need to run the power cord from the front camera to the fuse box as you will need constant power to both cameras. It’s this requirement that made me instantly get it installed professionally. Once installed you need to connect it to your smartphone so make sure you have the FineVu app. You will also need to make sure the Wi-Fi is switched on via your smartphone and the Wi-Fi setting on the camera. Once done your phone will act as a hotspot and this is how you retrieve footage when needed. 

The app also allows you to monitor your camera live and share footage online. Perfect for when you want to moan about that BMW driver forgetting they have indicators and as a result creates poor driving footage. (You know who you are BMW drivers!)

You also get a built-in GPS antenna and this is really useful as it provides useful information on your footage such as location and speed you were driving.

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 This Dashcam is packed with features such as the following: 

  • Dual FHD
  • Speed Camera Alert
  • Auto Night Vision
  • ADAS Plus 
  • Sony STARVIS Sensor
  • 145-degree angle of view
  • 1080P Full HD footage


Other features that will keep the driver safe when driving include a lane departure warning (ADAS Plus)  which is very helpful if you drift out of lane it will trigger an alert this is paired with a built-in assistant that will inform you when you should be taking a break as well as letting you know when you have speed camera or red light camera. It’s quite a good system it did pick up a speed camera including the ones hidden in parked police vans.

You also get alerts for front vehicle motion this works when your car is stopped in traffic this sensor picks up when the driver ahead starts to move. You also have a lane departure warning this alerts the driver when your drift off the traffic lane and alerts the driver.



The ADAS Plus feature alerts you when a car moves in front of you or when your car drifts into the next lane preventing an accident.


You also have a smart time-lapse which maximizes memory what it does if there is no event is reduces the recording frame rate and recovers to the normal 30fps when an event is detected. In time-lapse mode, you can record up to 578 minutes on continuous recording without overwriting. When in its normal recording mode you can record 190 minutes without overwriting.   

FineVU GX-30 Dash Cam Review 

Another feature with the GX30 you have an angle guide assist which prevents slanted videos as it helps you adjust the angles to allow you to get the perfect level of footage. This is displayed via the FindVU app. 

FineVU GX-30 Dash Cam Review

FineVU GX-30 Dash Cam Review

The FineVU GX30 stores your footage via a Samsung Pro Endurance SD Card with options from 32GB to 128GB in this review we were given the 32GB SD Card that comes with the camera. All you need to do is insert the SD card and it will instantly start recording. As with most dashcams older footage is overwritten and this is known as loop recording.

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Image Quality 


This dashcam records in Full HD at a 1920x 1080 resolution and this is for both cameras. This provides the video clarity and offers very clear footage. It’s not as sharp as the Thinkware Dashcam we reviewed but you will be able to pick up number plates at close range. You get a crisp clean video which is ideal when you need that footage in the event of an accident.  You also get a good level of visibility thanks to its 145-degree field of view which shows off all three lanes when on the motorway.  

FineVU GX-30 Dash Cam Review

This camera also records quality footage at night and this is thanks to the use of the SONY STARVIS system that provides a much brighter and clearer image at nighttime and this even works when driving in areas with low light conditions. This is paired with the Auto Night vision automatically changes the brightness and clarity depending on the environment your driving in such as at night or even when in an underground car park. 

FineVU GX-30 Dash Cam Review



The FineVU GX30 is a dashcam that is packed with features it covers everything from everyday footage to lane assist, auto night vision among others. Cost-wise at $280/£199 it’s quite a reasonable price and with a professional install costing about £50 depending on where you take the dashcam to be installed. You can install it yourself but only do this if you have the experience. 

The footage was very clear and the app was easy to use when I wanted to download footage. I was also impressed with the 145-degree field of view as it gave full vision that covered any incidents that happen when out on the road. My favourite feature was the audio feature that alerts you when a speed camera is coming up but also tells you when it’s time for a break.  You will also find the auto night vision a great feature as it will adjust the footage quality wherever and whenever your driving or even when parked.


Product Rating:

Design: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Features: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars   

Performance: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars  

User Friendly: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Value For Money: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars   


Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 stars -4.8 Stars  

The FindVU GX30 Dashcam is available only via Amazon.com for $280


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