The Audio brand Sudio is a brand I am familiar with from my time at What Mobile when I reviewed both the Sudio ETT & Sudio FEM. They are now back under my microscope with the T2 model which costs £99 which are true wireless and comes with ANC, 35-hour battery life and sweat and splash-proof meaning you can use them in the gym and they will be fine if you get caught in the rain.  

Who are Sudio 

Swedish Audio brand Sudio main goal when making audio products is to make sound come to life with heart-pounding rhythms and immersive deep listening. The brand started back in 2012 and continues to innovate.

They are also innovating by saving the planet by working with carbon footprint ltd to create a carbon-neutral organization.  


The unboxing of the T2 will not blow you away it’s quite a simple packaging. The image on the front and some key features on the back. Inside the packaging, you have the charging case with the buds inside, a charging case (USB-C) and 4 pairs of eartips from XS to L. 

Sudio T2 Review


The T2 comes in 4 colours- White, Black, Sand & Jade.

Sudio T2

In this review, we were sent the black version but it’s nice to know there are other options available. The charging case is small and fits nicely in your pocket without taking much space.

Sudio T2 Review

The battery life you get 35 hours of battery life with the buds holding 7.5 hours at any one time. The case has a matt back finish with the brand logos on the front and on the rear of the case you have that USB-C port and a small LED to indicate when the buds are on charge. They are also lightweight at 46.2g including the case with the buds only 5.3g each bud.

Moving to the buds each bud houses an 8mm dynamic driver and they come with touch-sensitive controls. The buds feature soft curves with no angular edges which help with the comfort and ergonomic design for the users.

Sudio T2 Review

Each bud has 2 mics per earphone which are used for the ANC feature which when testing the ANC did an ok job they will not block out all the unwanted noise. Am currently writing this review on the train on my way home and it has reduced most noise but I can still hear one loud annoying individual. When listening to these at Liverpool street station some of the harsher noises still managed to enter my ears. 

Sudio T2 Review

The controls I found are really responsive and react right away and are not too sensitive either. With the touch controls they do the following: 

  • Click on Either Earbud: Play/Pause/Answer Call
  • 2 Clicks on Left Earbud: Previous track
  • 2 Clicks on Right Earbud: Next track
  • 3 Clicks on Left Earbud: Volume down
  • 3 Clicks on Left Earbud: Volume up
  • Hold for 3 Secs on Either Earbud: Reject Call/Terminate Call

The Bluetooth of the sudio T2 supports Bluetooth 5.2 and offer a range of 10m and high bandwidth. The only codec available is SBC and the T2 does not have AAC or aptX which would have been nice to have considering other options on the market would offer these codecs. 

Last but not least the battery life offers 7.5 hours of a single charge when ANC is off and this drops to 6 hours when activated. With the use of the charging case that takes up the playtime to 35 hours in total. It also offers fast charging so ten minutes of charge provides 2 hours of playtime if you need a boost.

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Audio Quality

The Sudio T2 audio quality in 2 words can be described as clean and crisp and will please the average user. The lack of AAC or aptX will be an issue for some. However, the T2 offers deep bass and an overall balanced sound. 

The audio quality comes through wide and clear and provides the user with effortless separation. The lows showcase a punchy bass with a soft vibration that is also a smooth texture. Instrumentals are separated naturally offering an extra layer of clarity without being too dominant. The midrange comes off a little thin; it just feels like it’s missing something. However, the vocals come out crisp and brought forward and do add some height to the track.   

Sudio T2 Review

Finally, the highs on the T2 make the audio quality worthwhile, the treble makes a big impact and keeps the sound engaging. There is a great shine across the highs that give the tonality a great layer of texture which adds character. The treble will please most listeners. 


The T2 also includes ANC technology which helps create a more immersive listening experience. Setting up the ANC was tricky and involved using the user guide. Once you figure out how to use it. The ANC works very well and it removed 90% of all the outside unwanted noise. 

Using the T2 for calls was also a pleasurable experience with the built-in microphone and beamforming microphones; this means one mic will point towards the user mouth and the other away.  The result of this is it captures both voice and ambient sounds before the buds help reduce the environmental noises to ensure clarity. I did find the ANC switched on causes more issues than you want when having calls so it’s best to have it switched off. 

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The Sudio T2 offers a very good pair of TWS earphones considering the cost. The ergonomic design aids the comfort level, the ANC was very effective sometimes over the top, especially when on a call. I was also impressed with the battery life they provided. Moving to the sound quality they are not perfect they do have their faults. 

How could Sudio improve the T2? I would ask for In-ear detection as currently if I took out a bud to speak to someone the music just continues with the use of in-ear detection it would pause the music which I would have preferred without manually pausing the music.

Sudio T2 Review

If you look past the faults they offer a reliable audio quality for these without particular requirements. However, If you are an audiophile these are not for you.     

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Product Rating:

  • Design: 3.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Comfort: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Features: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Audio Quality: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Value for Money : 4.0 out of 5.0 stars           

Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars    

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