The phone case market is stacked with brands offering you the best protection and style. However, the covid-19 pandemic saw the explosion of new vloggers making content for sites like tik-tok or making youtube videos so having a case with a built-in tripod has become even more useful.


In this review, we get the chance to review the Joby StandPoint phone case designed with a vlogger in mind.  The Joby Standpoint phone case costs £34.95 for the iPhone 12/12Pro size but you can also the Joby standpoint for an iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11 & 11 Pro and also the Google Pixel 4XL. You might have noticed all these phones are for content creators and when we can travel those who like to get them Instagram quality images while on holiday or travelling.

Joby Standpoint Review

Who is Joby? 

Joby has products for these users that want a great design but also functional products to help those who are passionate about making content. In 2017 Joby was acquired by The Vitec Group who specialise in photographic accessories and have brands under the Vitec Group such as Lowepro & Gitzo.  




In this review, I was sent the Joby Standpoint for an iPhone 12 but mentioned early in the review they do make it for other iPhone ranges. The Joby Standpoint case is made of silicone material and looks like a normal case I did notice you don’t get much of a raised edge offering that extra protection for your phone. What you do get is a shock-absorbing protective case but the lack of raised edge does concern me when it comes to the protection of the screen.

Joby Standpoint Review

The physical buttons on the iPhone are also covered by that silicone case and they were harder to press at first but after 2 weeks of testing that soon softened. 

Joby Standpoint Review

However, flip the phone to see the back and you see why this case stands out from the rest of the market. The Joby Standpoint comes with 3 aluminium foldable legs each attached to its own single hinge and also added a cold show mount for those who want to add a microphone connection. The Joby Standpoint also comes with a lanyard for the case to help you keep the phone secure when taking a great picture or simply just using your phone.   

Joby Standpoint Review

The legs all have a red rubber cap preventing it from slipping when you set it up to take an amazing photo or film content. This is perfect for taking hands-free photos. The foldable legs also allow you to turn it into a stand perfect for watching a film on a long train journey. 

Joby Standpoint Review

The Joby Standpoint is also Qi-compatible for wireless charging but you do need to extend all 3 legs then place the phone on a wireless charger. 

Joby Standpoint Review

Unfortunately, if you wanted to charge your phone in the car in a phone mount with wireless charging you’re better off just removing the case as folding out the legs won’t work. If you just want to use a car mount and use a lighting cable that is an option to keep the case on when travelling and avoid that issue with wireless charging.   


Fitting the case is no different to when you place any phone case on the fit is quite tight and when fitted you will hear a snap sound this is the indication its fitted correctly.  The case has got the measurements of the iPhone 12 spot on and the case will not fall off and the perfect fit allows the shock-absorbing case to work well just in case it fell.  

Joby Standpoint Review

How does it work? 

The Joby Standpoint as mentioned is designed for those who want to use create content but the stand can also be used to prop up the phone for when you’re following an online cooking class for example and it works very well. 

Each leg does offer sturdy support that keeps the phone standing with a decent level of grip on most surfaces both indoor and outdoor. The legs position the phone mainly in a landscape orientation either angled sitting back on the legs. It can also be used in a tripod mode and can also be used in portrait mode but it’s not the most stable of options. 

Joby Standpoint Review

On the side of the case, you do have that cold shoe mount and you will see this on the right side of the case and designed to allow you to connect a Joby Wavo mic to start your vlog but you can also use the mount for adding additional lighting if required.



The Joby Standpoint is one of the cases I would only buy if my key usage was making a vlog or using the case to help create professional photos. It does allow you to use the case to watch videos but if you’re just looking to watch a video go buy a phonetag for a fraction of the cost.  


Personally, I find unfolding the legs to wireless charge my phone a little annoying but if your looking for a phone that you can make unique moments when taking a picture on holiday or for those who want to take that first step into the world of vlogging the Joby Standpoint is an excellent starting point and will also keep your phone safe if it happened to fall when you are shotting a scene for your next vlog or you just dropped your phone.  


Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars   


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