Here at What Gadget, we are going to be diving into the wonderful of Kitchen tech we start with a wireless wall charger by Kit:  that allows you to charge multiple handsets or you can charge your tablet while your cooking along with a bit of Gordon Ramsey.

Who Are Kit:? 


Kit: are a brand that creates products for those with a busy mobile lifestyle who want products that are quality and offer reliability as well as safety. This UK Based Brand was started back in 2000 and have not looked back with their products available via sites Mobile Fun & Amazon




The Kit: Wireless Wall Charger costs £59.99 via Amazon and this wall charger solves that issue of having a series of charge cables coming out of the plug points. Offering a sleek design that offers the ability to charge your devices wireless as long as they are Qi-enabled. So this was perfect for both my iPhone 12 and my fiancee Samsung S10. It’s also great for when we want to cook in our new kitchen and use the iPad to follow a recipe.


The Kit: Wireless wall charger is made of plastic that is durable and easy to wipe clean. It comes pre set up you have a mounting bracket that you slide just behind a double plug socket. You will need to slightly loosen the plug socket so the bracket is placed around the socket. Then plug the charger in and also plug a second device in like your kettle or toaster whatever you normally plug into the socket completely unaffected. 

Kit Qi Wireless Wall Charger Review


Once it’s all plugged in all you need to do is connect the wall charger to the front that has a lip for both your phones or tablet and is designed with an angled viewing shelf.    

Kit Qi Wireless Wall Charger

The Angled Viewing Shelf is also handy for when you are having video calls with family members you might not be able to see due to Covid restrictions currently. Not only can use it to charge 2x mobiles or 1x tablet that are Qi-enabled.

Kit Qi Wireless Wall Charger

You also have a USB-A port at the base of the device ideal if you still want to charge your device but it’s not Qi-enabled. Even with the USB cable it still declutters a room from having multiple cables around the room.   


The Kit: Wireless Wall Charger has a logo with 2 LEDs on either side of the logo which not only gives you a clue where to place your two mobile phones it also indicates when the devices are on charge using with a solid white light and when the devices are charged the light goes out. You will also get a Red light when a foreign object is detected. 


This wall charger takes an input of 100-230V and both outputs are Qi-enabled and offer 5w/7.5w and a max of 10W output depending on the device you are charging and the USB-A port offers a 5V output. The wireless wall charger also comes with auto-detect meaning all you need to do is place your phone or tablet on the wall charger and it will automatically switch on and charge the device.    

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Kit: have designed a device that solves a simple but so common problem found in kitchens everywhere.  You have an option to charge 2x Qi-enabled mobiles or tablet with the option to charge a 3rd device by the use of the USB-A port allowing you to plug in a USB cable for a 3rd device but still keeping that aesthetic design. 


The design also allows you to use the second plug point meaning you’re not losing that plug socket so you can use it to power an additional device.  What makes this device stand out is the angled stand which is perfect for reading a recipe or watching a programme while cooking in the kitchen. 

Kit Qi Wireless Wall Charger

At £59.99 its solves that issue you may have in the kitchen and offers the chance to declutter and that is not a bad thing to have.  

Product Rating:             

Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars  

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