Oppo recently launched a trio of new phones the Find X3 Pro, Find X3 Neo & Find X3 Lite. They are the new shiny improvements on the Find X2 range. 

Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G


In this review, we are going to take a closer look at the cheapest of the trio of devices the Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G.  This phone is the dependable handset without any of the special offerings you will see in the Find X3 Pro and Find X3 Neo. The Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G costs £378.89 available from Amazon.




The Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G comes in 3 different colours Starry Black, Astral Blue or Galactic Silver and in this review, we were given the black version to test.  Unfortunately, the black model is a bit of a fingerprint collector. It does offer a rough exterior which helps you feel secure when the phone is in your hand. 

Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G

The phone does come with a good design considering it is the budget option. On the front, you have all screen with just a small punch-hole selfie camera that is located in the top left. The screen does come with a fingerprint display that is built into the screen. 

Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G

Moving onto the controls on the right side you have that power button and on the left side, you have the volume controls. Moving to the rear of the device you have that stereo speaker grill, USB-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack. 

Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G

Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G

Flip the phone over and the back of the phone is smooth design with an Oppo logo in the bottom right. The camera array is raised but it’s only slightly and has no effect on the camera. 

Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G

Size-wise it comes in at 159 x 73.4 x 7.9mm so it’s not a small phone but you won’t have any issue holding it one-handed. Weight wise it comes in a 172g so you won’t feel the phone is heavy even after long sessions of use. 

Something I did notice with the Oppo Find X3 Lite that I also noticed with the TCL 20 Series is the lack of IP rating meaning it does not have water or dust resistance this is a little concerning for everyday use and when you hit that staycation keep your phone away from the pool. 

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The Find X3 Lite 5G comes with a 6.43-inch display that is bright and clear and offers a 1080 x 2400 resolution which is the same size as the Find X3 Neo which I will also review soon.  

Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G

The clear display is paired with a 90Hz refresh rate that offers a smooth and fast experience when scrolling on social media. It also contributes to offering a good quality experience when watching videos on Youtube or even playing a game like Call of Duty. You won’t suffer and lag when either watching a film or playing a game. 


Under the bonnet, the Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G which offers a good experience even though it’s not the best chipset from the company. However, for the user, this phone targeted to it won’t feel slow. The phone also has 8GB of RAM and offers 128GB internal storage but with no option for a micro SD card. The 128GB storage should be enough for holding everyday apps and these all-important selfie shots.

When we run this phone through its benchmark scores it resulted in a single-core score – 599 and a multi-core performance score of 1,803 which is quite respectable considering the market it falls in.  Oppo also provides this phone with the Game Space app which is also due to optimizing performance but the jury still out on this as to if it still works. 

The Find X3 Lite 5G comes with Andriod 11 and also comes with Oppo’s own operating system ColorOS but considering most users will just use what we know in terms of the google apps so what you get from Oppo’s own operating system won’t be used much. 

Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G

Oppo ColorOS preloaded apps


CAMERA Review by James Robertson Milligan


Having reviewed handsets from the Oppo range before I know that for a low-end handset, they do put a lot into the camera side of the phone and I have always enjoyed taking pictures and seeing the outcome on the Oppo’s, so what is the business end on this phone, I use the term business end for cameras on phones as I am a photographer and that is the part, I am most interested in.


So, what has Oppo packed into the Find X3 Lite 5G, well this phone boasts a 64mp quad mounted rear camera with LED flash, HDR and Panorama, the front-facing camera is a 16mp camera nestled to the upper left-hand side, so its slightly off centre but still looks the part and takes a great capture.

Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G

 The phone its self has a quick access button to the camera on the bottom right-hand area of the lock screen and swiping up on this will give you quick access to the camera there is a slight 2-second delay whilst it loads up the camera but is that a deal-breaker?  Once in camera mode, you have a few user settings to choose from and I will take you through what options are available to you. 


So you have Night Mode, Video, Photo, Portrait and More, the more subcategory you will find a few extra settings such as super Macro, Pro, film, Dual View Video, timer lapse, Panno, Text scanner and Sticker so they have not skimped at all on what you can do with this camera and there are adequate enough settings to take some pretty slick Photo’s.


 The zoom on this handset is a 20x zoom however on full zoom the image does come out very grainy and a lot of camera shake so that can play havoc with your pictures as you will see later in the review. 


You can of course enhance your photos by using the free to download picture editing app Snapseed, I talk about Snapseed a lot in my reviews but Snapseed is an excellent app and you can really play around with your photos to make them look amazing and extra clarity and depth of field to them along with wowing your friends on social media with the brilliance of your pictures!  


The features that they have packed into this handset is not too bad at all, and all would be used quite a bit in my opinion and with the edge-to-edge screen, you will get the most out of the camera especially my favourite setting the wide-angle!  so, without further delay let’s have a look at the pictures that this little gem can offer! 


First, off Portrait mode, I love taking pictures in Portrait and my trusty model “Murphy” as he is always happy to oblige with his best possible poses! Portrait on this device works well, with a very nice subtle hint of wide-angle and a very delicate little bit of background blur to really make your chosen subject come to life, Portrait works well on this with great depth of true tone colour and an almost HD experience. 

Shot on Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G

Selfie–  ahh the all-important selfie, now this phone has a bit of trickery behind the front-facing camera and something that impressed me quite a lot is that if you go in Portrait mode and then swizzle the icon for the front-facing camera you can get a lovely selfie using portrait so once again you get that nice subtle background blur with a slight hint of wide-angle, whilst your chosen subject will come out with perfection and you will get a fab picture for your social media accounts!! the 16mp will not let you down at all. 

Shot on Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G

Macro–  Macro is something I love using on my DSLR, you can get right up close and personal to a chosen subject and you get great detail more than in a normal photo. To have this on a phone is ideal as it means you don’t have to carry around lots of equipment you can just pull out your mobile and take a quick shot, BUT you do have to be within 4cm’s of your chosen subject to get that detail so if you’re like me and love wildlife just be careful if you go to a lavender bush full of Bee’s you will get a great photo BUT it’s risky 😉.


Photo Mode–  (auto) you get great pictures with great clarity and great colour again almost as if the picture has been taken in HD, the true colours that come from this is amazing and you really get some great detail in the picture of the surroundings that you are in, colour and tone is sharp and crisp and clean! great little effort from this device. 

Shot on Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G


Wide Angle–  Now I love a bit of wide-angle, and I love how this camera pics up the depth and uses the whole screen edge to edge to display the full picture, the wide-angle lens on this is superb and the fact I picked up no lens flair in the picture is testament to this device as I feel had I of taken the same picture on my iPhone 12 I think I would have got that all annoying bit of flair but on the Oppo none of that at all.. great all-round effort from this quad-camera. 

Shot on Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G

Extra HD–  Now I did not see much difference in picture quality with this well not to the naked eye anyway. I feel that this mode will be fairly redundant on this device as Auto will be quite sufficient to get the quality picture you’re looking for! 

Shot on Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G

Pro mode–  Most phones now have this feature pretty much meaning no need for your DSLR to be taken with you on days out etc. You have all the settings on your phone of that of a DSLR so this feature you can play around with and fettle away to make your picture how you want it, the pictures on this mode comes out clean crisp and sharp with again great clarity and texture, you will just have to adjust and play with it to meet your settings and ambience.  

Shot on Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G

Night Mode–  Most phones now have what’s called night mode, BUT phones need to work on this because once you have taken the picture you need to stay there for a further 5 seconds holding the phone in place whilst it sharpens up the picture so thus meaning everyone needs to stay in their “pose” position for longer, and to be honest the end result is not that great just a simple flash would be better and would work better. I took this shot at dusk and to be honest you wouldn’t know the difference. I am not sure why phones have this mode! 

Shot on Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G

All in all, I am impressed with the camera quality on this budget handset and you will be able to take amazing shots whether you’re a beginner or a pro!  You will certainly have fun and remember to download Snapseed, edit your pictures and you will have some cracking shots to impress all your mates!! 

How do I rate this camera, for looks, style and clarity of pictures has to be an easy 9 out of ten! it could just do with a couple of extra’s and it will be a major contender for today’s camera phone market. 

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Battery Life

The Oppo Find X3 Lite 5G comes with a 4300mAh battery that should last you the day with moderate use and will even give you some battery life at the end of the day. If you do have stages where you don’t use your phone the battery decreases very slowly so you will still have a decent amount of battery at the end of the day.  

Unfortunately, you won’t get wireless charging with this device but what you do get is a 65W wired fast charging that in just over 30 minutes you go from 0% to 100% which is very impressive. With Fast charging this impressive who needs wireless charging! 


This phone is quite impressive for the cost you get with a budget device the screen is smaller and the chipset a bit slower than the Oppo Find X3 Neo and Pro models but that is to be expected this is the cheaper model of the trio.

The phone looks good and is a nice size and weight for everyday use. I really liked the fact Oppo went for the 90Hz refresh rate as in a recent review I covered the TCL 20L that only had a 60Hz refresh rate. So Oppo gives you that faster user experience. The display on this phone is also vibrant in the right ways. 

Camera-wise it offers a good job in capturing colour during the day but the night mode is a little annoying with the fact you have to hold the phone still for it to sharpen the image. 

The phone does not come with an IP rating which is a strange thing to miss and the lack of wireless charging might put a few people off but with the fast charging, you can go from zero to 100% in under 30 minutes.

The Oppo Find X3 Lite is a great option if these Pro & Neo options are out of your budget the Lite mode will give you most of what you want from the other models just expect some missing features. 

If you can look past the lack of IP rating and wireless charging this phone will serve you well if budget is the key component when buying a new phone. 

Product Ratings

Design: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars    

Display: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Performance: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars  

Camera: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Battery life: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars


Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 stars -4.2 Stars  


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