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Since the existence of Imilab as one of Xiaomi’s ecosystem brands, the company has been doing so well in the manufactures of smartwatches. Sometime in 2020, they released the Imilab Kw66 smartwatch which made a huge sale from the day it was introduced to the market till today. However, the company also has made another smartwatch which they call the imilab W12 smartwatch.

Imilab W12: Fortune@Whatgadget.net

Imilab W12: Fortune@Whatgadget.net

Although, these smartwatches can also be seen as fitness tracking devices as a result of the features they possess. Nevertheless, there are a few features that we would be comparing in both the Imilab Kw66 and the newly introduced Imilab W12 smartwatch.

imilab kw66 smartwatch: Fortune@Whatgadget.net

imilab kw66 smartwatch: Fortune@Whatgadget.net

Starting the comparison with Imilab’s Kw66 smartwatch design, the company put in a lot of work in the design and appearance of this particular watch. It adopts a very nice and decent circle shape because of the round screen and the sensors were neatly attached at the back of the smartwatch. Furthermore, Imilab attached flexible and easy-to-wear straps that were made of fine rubber making the smartwatch more attractive to the eyes. Although W12 has a durable rubber strap that looks rugged but in terms of fashionable appearance, I would prefer the straps on Kw66 regardless of its flexibility.

Imilab W12 Smartwatch | Whatgadget.net

Imilab W12 Smartwatch | Fortune@Whatgadget.net

On the Imilab Kw66, there is just one button by the right side which is used to turn Off/ On or send return back to the home screen command. While the latest Imilab W12 has two elegant-looking buttons by the side of the smartwatch which is also used to send commands to the smartwatch. The first button at the top of W12 is the Power On/ Off and return back to the home screen, while the second button serves as a shortcut button to the sports modes. In this aspect, it is very obvious the Imilab company made an improvement in order to facilitate or ease the controls. Apart from the presence of these side buttons, the control pattern remains on both smartwatches remains the same.

Imilab w12

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As for the display size, Imilab embedded a wonderful 1.28” 3D HD curved thick screen with resolutions of 240×240 pixels. While the W12 smartwatch features a larger 1.32inch TFT touch curved screen with 3D glass and resolutions of 360 x 360 pixels. With a larger display size, you can vividly see every single character displayed on the screen without stressing your eyes. Obviously, Imilab’s W12 beats the Kw66 in terms of the display size.

A Quick Comparison Of Specifications

Dimension 45.3mm x11.4mm 260mm x22mm x11mm
Bluetooth Version V5.0 V5.0
Touch Screen Capacitive full touch Capacitive touch screen
Compatibility Android 5.1 or above
IOS 9.0 or above
Android 5.1 or above
IOS 9.0 or above
Display 1.28 inch 3D TFT screen 1.32 inch 3D TFT screen
Water & Dust Proof IP68 IP68
Operation Temperature -20 – 45° -20 – 45°
Battery Life 30 Days 30 Days
Charger Magnetic Charging cable Magnetic Charging cable
Battery Capacity 340mAh 340mAh
Weight (with Strap) 54g 57g
Data sync Could be upload to App for analyzing Could be upload to App for analyzing
imilab w12 vs kw66 Dimensions

imilab w12 vs kw66 Dimensions

Going further into the comparison, Imilab embedded new features to the W12 which are not present in the Kw66 smartwatch. The new features include a blood oxygen saturation monitor, weather forecast, a More option that hides the Find my phone gesture.

Imilab kw66 Vs Imilab W12: Fortune@Whatgadget.net

Imilab kw66 Vs Imilab W12: Fortune@Whatgadget.net

These features are new and they are not present in Imilab’s kw66 smartwatch. Apart from the newly added gestures, the rest of the features are the same. For connectivity, they both have Bluetooth 5.0 that connects swiftly and it is the only connection means via the watch to your smartphone.

imilab kw66

imilab kw66

Both the Imilab Kw66 and W12 share the same watch App which is GloryFit. The same functions that the GloryFit App offers for the Kw66 are the same for the W12.

The battery capacity of 340mAh still remains the same on both smartwatches offering users about 30 days standby time. With a battery of this capacity, both Imilab made watches never miss any notification from your social media as far as the watch remains connected to your smartphone be it iOS or Android.

Imilab w12 wide Screen

Imilab w12 wide Screen

To conclude, these smartwatches have IP68 water and dustproof certifications which make them gallant to serve users during the rainy season. Imilab has fortified both the W12 and Kw66 to serve its users for a considerable long period of time and they also have good value for money.  The smartwatches are sold below £70 and they have adequate features as regards their price tags. Whenever you want to buy a smartwatch of this caliber, these Imilab -made smartwatches should be considered.

Where To Buy:

Imilab Kw66 Smartwatch is currently on sale for a promo price of £30.53 on Aliexpress.

Unfortunately, the Imilab W12 Smartwatch is not yet available for international purchases for now. Although, it will surely have a price tag of £69.90 or even lesser. As soon as the W12 is made available for international purchases, this article will be updated with buy links to the product. Interested persons can also contact the Xiaomi ecosystem product distributors. 

You can also purchase from Amazon for £69.90


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