Vidlok has a few live-streaming kits which have proven to be one of the best when it comes to vlogging, online interviews, filming, and so on. Vidlok is a brand that was founded in Oct 2015 by-product head known as LONGCHEER Technology that specializes in research, development, and manufacturing of camera components in mobile phones and security cameras. With an R&D center(Headquarter) located in Shanghai, a cloud service center located in Beijing, and a supply chain located in Shenzhen. The brand tries to keep stable cooperation with China Mobile and JD.

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Talking about the Vidlok Live Stream Kits in detail, there are about three durable products that make up the full kit. These items include a studio-grade condenser microphone, a ring light attached to a stand + one phone holder +USB Cable, and lastly is the gallant dual-channel DJ mixer controller. All these three items were made by vidlok to achieve your live-streaming purposes from the comfort of your home, offices, and wherever.

Vidlok Studio-grade Condenser Microphone:

Vidlok Studio-grade Condenser Microphone

Vidlok Studio-grade Condenser Microphone

The vidlok-made microphone has an in-built high-sensitive acoustic processing chip that offers a wider frequency response, effective voice picks up, fast processing sound pressure level, and a very stable output sound quality.

In terms of body design/build, the microphone has a durable metal body that has a better and improved anti-interference recording effect. Nevertheless, the embedded intelligent DSP audio chip offers users the opportunity to adjust the sound rhythm thereby making the audio signal in the sound card stable and even clearer.

Vidlok DJ mixer controller:

Vidlok DJ mixer controller

Vidlok DJ mixer controller

Vidlok also made this DJ mixer controller possess multiple independent adjustments of equalizers to fine-tune the sound effect to each voice pitch. Concluding by the seen design and appearance, this DJ mixer is very portable and it supports numerous platforms, Apps, and devices (iOS, Android, tablet, PC, notebook, etc). The Vidlok DJ mixer controller has a sharp connecting Bluetooth for a smooth and smarter connectivity option.

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Vidlok Ring Light Stand:

The ring light stand is one of the most important tools that facilitate live-streaming efficiency. On the vidlok ring light stand, there are important tools attached to it. You can see powerful LED lightning beneath the rubber-coated cover, one phone holder that helps to grip your smartphone firmly on the stand + a USB cable that serves as a connector.

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Selling Points Of The Vidlok Live Stream Kits:

  1. The presence of an intelligent DSP chip DSP audio chip allows users to intelligently adjust the sound rhythm, making the audio signal in the sound card clearer, stable, and the sound output is more pleasant.
  2. Higher sensitivity, wonderful moments, easy and delicate presentation.
  3. A full set of live stream kits with higher stability offers you an easy and the best user experience.
  4. It allows you to effortlessly take video shots, making teaching more professional and easygoing.
  5. Suitable to be used in different scenarios like singing, instrument performance, game live stream, vlogging, online interviews, filming, etc.

Owning this Vidlok Live Stream Kits offers you the opportunity to become your live-streaming or musical instructor. However, purchasing these items expose users to the best and easier way to showcase themselves without going to a studio. Those seeking to purchase or own the full Vidlok Live Stream Kits should contact the distributors or check the Vidlok official webpage.


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