With Staycations and meeting friends and family outside somewhat the norm as Covid-19 restrictions are lifting.  So why not have a speaker that brings the party outside and German brand MusicMan bring you the LED Soundblaster BT- X56 costing £51.99 from Amazon. 

Who is MusicMan? 

MusicMan is one of 3 brands under the parent company Technaxx with the other two brands TrendGeek & LifenaXX who brought the Mini- Massager Gun LX-025 which we reviewed recently.  


Technaxx also brought us the disco mobile phone charger which we also reviewed remember that? Technaxx along with the other sister brands like MusicMan is a German Manufacture. What we have found after reviewing a number of these products they all have something in common. They all offer innovation and passion in their design.   


The MusicMan LED SoundBlaster BT-X56 is a speaker to bring the party outside and this speaker certainly does that. The BT-X56 reminds me of the Kitsound Slam XL (£129.99) which is also a portable Bluetooth speaker perfect for the outside. Unlike the Kitsound version, the Soundblaster BT-X56 costs 50% less (£51.99). So offering you some savings in the pocket perfect when the last 12 months have been so tough on everyone. 

MusicMan LED Soundblaster BT- X56

The design of the speaker comes with a rugged durable fabric that covers the speaker with an ABS Plastic frame under the fabric cover.  The SoundBlaster is a cylinder-shaped speaker that also has a rubber divider in the middle of the speaker in which houses the controls of this speaker and 4 LEDs to indicate the battery life.

MusicMan LED Soundblaster BT- X56

The speaker comes with 2 raised rubber feet that kept the speaker off the ground which will help with the music travel. You also have a practical carrying handle which allows you to carry this speaker to the beach or park to meet your friends. 

The Speaker comes with two bass diaphragms that offer a 7W loudspeaker positioned on each side of the speaker offering a total of 14W output. MusicMan add the party factor to this speaker with switchable RGB’s which light up to the rhythm of the music offering a disco feel.  Want to really add that party feel the MusicMan LED Soundblaster BT-X56 also has a TWS function allowing you to pair it to a second speaker for that stereo sound profile with even more of a disco feel.

MusicMan LED Soundblaster BT- X56

Size-wise it measures up at 28x 12x 12cm which makes this a portable speaker but it’s not light and comes in at 1.7 kg so you will be glad it comes with a carry handle to pop it on your shoulder when you’re heading down to the beach. This speaker also offers IPX6 rated meaning it’s waterproof and can handle high-pressure heavy sprays of water.  So you will be protected when down the beach or by the poolside on your staycation. 

The Speaker also protects the main ports on the speaker you have a rubber cover that protects the USB-A, USB-C & AUX-In port for a 3.5mm jack cable if you wanted a wired connection. 

Last but not least the speaker also comes with a built-in microphone which allows for hands-free calls and a voice assistant which is compatible with both Apple & Google Smart Speakers. The Speaker offers Bluetooth 4.2 which did seem a bit of a strange offering consider Bluetooth 5.0 is available but it still offers a 10 meter range which is great when your DJ and dont need to be close to the speaker.  The Speaker also comes with a 3600 MAh battery that is rechargeable via the USB-C charge cable you are given in the box. This battery life offers 4 hours at 50% or 3 Hours with 100% volume. 


In terms of controls, the below image shows you the 7 buttons where all the controls are. 

MusicMan LED Soundblaster BT- X56

At the top, you have the power button then as we down you have the stereo function for when you want to pair to a second device. Then a speaker symbol on the button allows you to use the smart assistant on your phone.  Below that is the Play/Pause button then you have a button that has an M printed on it that the mode button that switches from Bluetooth mode to music being played from a USB-Disk and they also have an FM radio mode. 

I found the FM radio mode a little pointless as we all have mobile phones that we can connect to radio stations via our mobile phone so would I use an FM radio I expect not.  Other uses of the mode button are you switch off the RGB light by giving it a long press. Finally, you have the volume buttons that also double up to allow you to charge tracks.

I did find using the volume button a little annoying at first as a short press would charge the track and it was a long press and that allows you to change the tracks. You will get used to the way the controls are set up but I would have preferred the way you use the volume & track controls the other way round.  

Audio Quality 

The SoundBlaster BT- X56 comes with 2x 7W 3inch drivers that do offer quite the punch when it comes to the bass without sacrificing any of the highs or mids. At the max volume, I did find it had a little audio distortion but keep the volume to about 80% and it will produce a great overall sound.  If you want to add to that sound quality you can buy a second speaker and create that stereo sound. Unfortunately in this review, I was unable to get a second to test this theory.

MusicMan LED Soundblaster BT- X56

Credit: Technaxx

 Listening to some party tracks such as a bit of “Whitney Houston I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and this speaker really does offer a great sound and with the RGB Lights on both side that flash to the beat of the track it’s a real party starter. 


If you’re looking for a portable speaker that will be safe when out and about due to the IPX6 rating and provides a good sound quality with that RGB light feature. It’s a great outdoor speaker that allows you to listen to music, take a call and summon your smart assistant this speaker really does it all. Just a word of warning if a member of your group when out suffers from Phtosensitve epilepsy it might be an idea to keep the RGB lights off. Even with the lights off, it’s still a great outdoor speaker just a little on the heavy side thank god for that shoulder strap.  My only real negative about this speaker is the battery life you only get 4 hours of battery life at 50% volume or 3 hours at 100%  which won’t last the day if you plan on spending the day at the beach 

At £51.99 it’s the portable speaker that gets the party started just don’t go too far or for longer than 4 hours.

Product Rating:             

Design: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars   

Features: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Audio Quality: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Battery Life: 2.0 out of 5.0 stars

Value For Money: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars   


Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars   


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