In this second review of the Hive devices, we have been sent is the Hive Active Plug. The Hive Active Plug costs £39 for a single plug but the Hive site does offer some offers for multiple plugs – 3 Active Plugs £109 or 5 Active Plugs £159. You can also buy the Plugs on Amazon where the prices do vary compared to the Hive site.

Hive Active Plug – Design 

The design of the plug is very simple its made of durable plastic and size-wise its comes in a 54 x 100mm (WxH) and weighs 142g and plugs into a type G socket which are found in the UK & Ireland. 


On the front of the plug, it comes with a socket port and above that, you have a button with silver highlighting around the button where you have a LED that also sits around the button. 

Hive Active Plug

The plug is bigger in size compared to the D-Link Mini Wifi Smart Plug as that has the button on the top side of the plug compared to the button being on the front of the Hive Active Plug.

Hive Active Plug

Hive Active Plug on the left with the D-Link Mini Wi-Fi Plug on the Right.

The Hive Active Plug is compatible with Phillps Hue, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Alexa & IFTTT so it’s suitable for any smart home set up. 

Hive Active Plug – Set Up


Inside the box with the plug, you are given a user guide but the set-up is very simple all you need to do is plug it into the mains and then the LED light will start to flash amber. Then in the Hive app click install devices and follow the instructions. Once the Hive app and the plug appears on the screen you can name it for Smart Speaker purposes and also useful if you have multiple speakers. Once done press save to complete You can also save the device to your Hive Hub 360 that will look after all hive devices and their schedules all in one place.


Once the set-up is complete you will see the LED will turn green and this is the indication the Active Plug is now set up. When using the app like all Hive products you can switch the device on/off from the app or amend the schedule. When the Plug is in use you will have a solid Purple Light. 


If you don’t want to use the app a single press of the button on the active plug will also switch it on/off.  The range of this plug is also excellent I had full strength signal any time I viewed the plug in the app. Some might be concerned if the plug is not in the same room as the Hub 360.

Hive Active Plug

Hive Active Plug – Verdict 

The Hive Active Plug is essential for any smart home as you can plug anything from your coffee machine to your iron or even my fiancee when she using her hair straighteners no more will you have that panic that you have left them on you can check via the app and if they are on just switch them off via your phone. 

If you are using the active plug for another gadget you can set up the schedule for that device to be switched on up to 6 times a day ideal if you have a light in your living room plugged into it and want it to come on at said times. 

Also as you will link this to your Hive Hub 360 you can use Hive actions so if the motion sensors which we will also be reviewing picks you up it can also turn on items like the coffee machine or kettle ready for that morning coffee as long as you have the machine or kettle plugged into the hive active plug. You can also link it all to your smart assistant so if you say “Alexa turn on my coffee machine” It will do just that or you can have it plugged into any other kitchen appliance and do the same thing. 

Hive Active Plug

The Hive Active Plugs can also work alongside the Hive Homeshield security system that will turn lights on and the radio and other gadgets to scare off an intruder. For £29 per plug via Amazon if you want that smart home set up this plug is a must invest item.   

Product Rating:

Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars  

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