Are you trying to control energy consumption and costs in your home or office? As consumers seek out green and energy-efficient products, manufacturers are offering more environmental benefits than ever before. In addition, with the introduction of EU energy labels that describe energy efficiency, people are becoming more mindful purchasers.

But not everything is worth the money, and some are wasting gambling. So here are the best devices and apps available that are worth the price to help you live green and save money while you’re at it!

1. Green Outlet

This program is recommended by many review magazines such as,, and The purpose of Green Outlet is to encourage users to choose which appliances in the home use the most energy.

It only needs some personal information, and then the program determines the monthly average. One nice feature of the program is a warning that notifies users if they exceed their recommended CO2 consumption (according to federal regulations).

2. Smart Thermostats

In addition to the program that can set the temperature, the new smart thermostat will teach you how and when your home uses the heater and air conditioning and follow your instructions to save energy because heating and cooling cost up to 40 per cent of the total cost of your home.

This system is an excellent place to change a lot and a little. Although these prices are worth more than $ 200 in cash, most homeowners are willing to pass that price on to your salary.

3. Energy Cost Calculator

Energy Cost Calculator is free and easy to use on iTunes. The electrical cost of an electrical device is determined based on several comparisons. The user only needs to enter the estimated amount of power per hour and the hour to be used daily. The result shows users exactly what they are paying for.

Overall, this app will calculate:

  • Cost per day
  • Cost per week
  • Cost per month
  • Cost per year

The system also shows users their daily, weekly, monthly, and annual energy consumption and annual CO2 emissions.

4. LED Lighting

All the energy-efficient devices are available; LED bulbs provide the best light for the lowest price. However, halogen and compact fluorescent lamps are not well received by consumers for many reasons.

Some fear that mercury will end up in light bulbs, while others are dissatisfied with halogen light quality. However, LEDs are a good choice; they provide constant light for little money and are safe.

5. Smart Power Strips

Instead of installing unplug umpteen appliances and electronics in your house every night, think of an electrician who can clear the battery charger from all outlets. It is ideal for hard-to-reach plugs on the floor, behind the kitchen counter, under a computer desk, and behind the TV.

The cost of these devices varies, but everyone can save on their electricity bills to justify the purchase price. Ask the homeowner if they would like to deduct the fee of any of these items from your inventory. For him, it’s an easy way to renovate a property with little effort or cost.

6. Smappee

Smappee aims to give people all the information they need to monitor energy and understand the costs of using it. To use the app, Smappee offers a clamp sensor that allows users to attach it to a fuse box quickly. From there, they can view and manage their energy consumption using free software.

All information is provided to users in real-time and will display energy costs for the previous 30 days. An added benefit to this app is that it can pinpoint all appliances in a user’s home. From there, one can determine overall cost and energy consumption. Users can also control different energy elements from the app so that if they are away from home, adjustments are only a few clicks away.

7. Energy Management Systems

These systems allow you to control your entire home remotely. You no longer have to worry about turning on the lights, whether the house will be fine when you come home or leave the café. Lighting, fire and air conditioning, home appliances, sound, and security can be controlled remotely or by smartphones.

If you need to purchase a new microwave, food processor, refrigerator, ceiling fan, or other appliances, purchase energy Star Certified products. These devices offer a significant labour-saving value, often saving even money to pay for the device in a few months. For example, washing machine technology has advanced a lot recently, and now you have a machine that costs as little as $ 80 a year.

8. MeterPlug

MeterPlug is simply a plug that users can insert between their device and the power supply. These special connectors can automatically send robust data to a mobile application. For example, the software shows users how much energy one object consumes and can calculate the value of that energy according to the time. Although the system is about 100 feet wide, it has a built-in memory that can be loaded and viewed when the user returns home.

9. SunPower Monitoring System

The SunPower monitoring system allows users to monitor power consumption and the performance of their energy. It provides detailed information on the amount of power the user system generates and offers opportunities to save on energy costs. Users can view data on a daily, monthly, annual or cultural basis.

10. Energy Consumption Analyzer

This program helps users monitor their energy consumption by adding meters for different types of energy. Users can mark readings and describe them in colors to remind them of specific situations when they use energy. The program calculates the average usage by hour, day, week, and month. It is also possible to create a graph that shows the level of use over a while.